Boom Tune
Baby Cham

A true wi clean and wi nuh mean wi si di Fassy dem a frien wi
Tell dem seh wi have wi owna crew dem fi defen wi
Bless and dem a stress wi si dem well want fi blend wi
Boom Tune a blow dem mind

Dem a chat behind wi back nuh know seh Jackie dem a tell wi
Si dem all a bring poison weed come fi sell wi
Stan up inna dance di whole a dem waan correl wi
Boom Tune a blow dem mind

Cau dem a move like wi friend but dem a enemy
Yes dem a watch how we a move, dem a penny wi
How yuh fi happy when wi low but if yuh si seh we a grow a pure negative vibes
Yuh waan send wi
Well Jah-Jah mus and bound and compel wi
Cau wi woulda limb up one a dem if dem a mel wi
Wi nuh care who wear di crown
Who waan fi frown
We a lick out wi


Anytime wi talk wi nuh think bout apology
Everyman dem owna mind and anology
All dem a do a criticize, but don't be surprise cause we a set di trend and dem a follow wi
And if dem nuh like how we a chat come callah wi
And if dem nuh waan si wi face come swallow wi
Wi nuh care who wear di crown, who waan fi frown, we a lick out wi

Repeat from top

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