Can I Get A …
Baby Cham

From yuh a bun a fassy, can I get a…….
Let mi get a aaaah from all the hot crew
All di ganja man dem a fi big dem up too
Fassy’s you know what you can do

Verse 1:
A’int nothing new, fassy been around that’s di truth
Long time dem deh ya ina earth a tek root
Me hear she Mr B a one a dem new recruit
Get up everyday and a pressure di ghetto youth
A nuff a dem a wolf and a wear rasta suit
Work wid it father, nuh try stop di loot
Di gal dem out a road a sey da DJ ya cute
Alias nuh mix with fruit
A’int nothing wrong, if one time a you use to sting
We all understand now you are a has been
A singer dem and Dave Kelly have di new ting
A nuff little DJ dem big man deh bring
A dem man deh have Chico under dem wing
A dem man deh teach Alley Cat how fi sing
A dem man deh bring Frankie Sly from foreign
How come a hot word a fling

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Hear she a fassy wanna stick mi for my ride
Hear a little fassy hole a plan pon di side
Wicked man a step like Bunny and Clyde
Where you gonna run, where you gonna hide
Fassy come around an pretend to be wi friend
Bun a fire now tell a fassy come again
Big pretty smile but wi know dem a pretend
Show dem di old mack 10 (Repeat Chorus)

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