Gallong Yah Gal
Baby Cham

Gallong yaah gal yuh a live comfortable
An yuh cute man a pressure dem case (hey)
Gallong caah yuh know seh yuh hole nuh miserable
An yuh naah kotch a none a dem place

Repeat 1x

Verse 1:
Tell har fi cut
Caah nobaddi caan call yuh wanga gut
No missa baddi caan tear off yuh shut
A talk bout car man a rush dem but
Bashment gal nuh drive inna putt putt
Some gal a talk an dem nuh reckon
Dem never hear bout Dolce & Girbaud
Hot gal nuh dress inna skettel name brand
Moschino and Versace a get too common
Suh anytime yuh see har a model an a pose
Remind har say she inna some a your clothes
So how she a pass up remarks like those
An yuh nuh have no stripes fi loose

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Tell har fi gwey
Before mi haffi buss out whey June dem say
Day she wi gi yuh fram a man ust say bey
Fi har reputation naah guh no-way
Mi hear say all she and Squidley dem deh
So she shouldn't talk and she nuh have no props
Cheese out a road a style har as saps
Tell har yuh ratings come by the box
Look how yuh jus cool an relax

Repeat Chorus

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