Yaw Yaw
Beenie Man

Yaah Yaah Yaah Yaah, yaga yaga yaw
Si di gal dem man yaah yah

Repeat 4x

Verse 1:
Cool baby love a couldn't mi yuh waan tease
Jus drink a guiness an mi smoke some weed
Three legs mi have but one stop short a knees
Lie dung inna di bed an gal prepare fi breed
Threeee, pickini a whey mi give to Denise
Xgirl nuh waan none, dats why she leave
Meeeee, give a talkin to mi fren name Steve
Thirteen gal him have a Garveymeade
Twelve pickini a whey him have dey a teed
Haffi tell the youthman fi try tek heed
Yes yuh caan reach to mi speed


Verse 2:
Who yuh think yuh are bout badman yuh waan use
Now yuh get refuse an start abuse
Yuh run an tek mi business and carry to Xnews
Next girl a wear yuh shoes, so girl please remove
Mi jump inna mi car an put it all pon cruise
Ice tea mek mi smooth, inna mi suede shoes
Mi a talk its over mi nuh under nuh blues
Mi chronic mi a use, so have mi excuse
Ah dancehall mi duh an not the blues
Di gal dem a move a get mi inna the groove


Verse 3:
Woooosh, mek yuh want to slam my car door
Kaaakaaaa su su , no flow
She think a woulda mash up when a walk through the door
Oh no, Oh no, she get a direct blow
She think a woulda tek it and go down low
Oh no, Oh no, the more the girls dem flow


Repeat from top

Thanx to dancehallreggae.com for this lyric !