Bounty Killer

Verse 1:
Never let your problems get you down
Gotta stay focus and hold your ground
Though it seems hopeless
There’s no progress
Wi still a hustle round town
Wi do what we do suh wi stay alive
Wi sell what we sell cause wi waa survive
Wi tired a di fuckery
An wi fed up from bout 95“

Suh tell dem seh anytime
Wi hungry again, dem ago si wi nine
Police out a road dem a fight crime
But holiday a come an wi nuh si di first dime
Tell dem seh anytime
Di government policies undermine
Di poor people’s plight dat a sure sign
Corruption and war a go reach its prime


Verse 2:

Trying my best to survive the street
Sometime mi wonder how some people dweet
Nuff time it burn me
Mama clean dutty floor suh di kids can eat
Five Christmas now wi nuh drink nuh sorrell
Landlord an mama deh a court house in a quarrell
Chinna send a cris chrome nine ina barrell
What you expect mi to do


Verse 3:

Dem ramp wid wi future wi tek it wid a smile
A we feel di pinch now when everything spoil
Poverty an hunger a nuh easy lifestyle
We tired and we tired and we tired


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You can find this song on Bounty's album "5th Element" !