Tempt Mi
Bounty Killer

Hey mi si dem a temp mi and mi guns dem plenty, well
and weh go make it bad and dem nuh empty,
War dem a present mi from mi make mi entry, well
Mi make up mi mind and ready fi murder twenty.
Si dem a try confront mi, hey they must be junkies, Hell
a true them have a Specie or a Pumpy,
Him and him friend name Stumpy,
hey mi shoot them promptly,
Man duh dat daily, weekly and monthly

Verse 1:
Man a observe them
With mi Glock 40 well mi tek it and serve them,
Dem ya black blunt weh man put down and preserve them,
Hey you confront mi then you surely deserve them.
Scare Dem step in and urgently merge them,
Kill the first and the second, murder the third then.
If a so it go mi shoot them like bird then.
Give them a warning, dem act as if them nuh herd them,
Ahoulda know seh bad man nuh waste them words them.
War and violence is what them prefer then,
Gun shot a go purge them.


Verse 2:
Troubles, tell them say stop and check for a minute,
Guerilla warfare Black Out an Scare Dem bring it,
Never lost nuh battle all the war dem mi win it,
Big forty five pan mi finger mi spin it.
Man a WarrLord and mi kill without a limit.
To how mi love kill inna mi song dem mi sing it,
From the contract right and the dollars it legit,
Add a whole heap a zeros to the figures and digit.
Show mi who fi dead and that dead like a migit
Informer shut yu eyes nuh tell the police you si this.
Rolling with mi gun dem inna mi black Honda civic,
Gunshot fi give I gwaan give it

Thanx to dancehallreggae.com for this lyric !