Plenty More Gal

Ay, Ay!
Dem nah know sey wi dun move like King Solomon inna dis time.
A whole heap a gal pon wi mind.

Plenty more nice gal out dere fi slam, one million, two million.
Dolly house an stuckie a nah part a wi plan.
Wi haffi sample every nation, sing along.


Verse 1:
Mi sing, just di other day wi go pon a world tour
Twenty-tree artists plus mi twenty-four
Di first place mi perform  dat a Baltimore.
Dere so mi meet a rich gal come from Singapore
As di show dun di crew lef same time
Mi feel kinda sad caw mi miss Yuki wine
But di next destination calm dung mi mind
Mi sleep with a sweeter gal a North Caroline
Go South Caroline an den stomp Tennessee
Circle California then touch Miami
Rest mi waistline a Washington D.C.
Then gear up fi di gal dem inna New York City

Chorus 4x

Verse 2:
Well, call mi old dog if di whole a unno want
Yu fi see mi dung a Africa a trod
Straight mi nuh saint,
As Bounty say mi will slam all di aunt
As mi talk bout dat it a rewind mi brain
Back to do night when we a perform a Spain
Di next day mi lef Margarita inna pain
Di mudda an di cousin an di sista di same

From china, an Japan
Italy, Switzerland, Germany, an Iran
South America an di Caribbean anywhere wi go wi have a whole heap a gal.


Repeat from top

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