Galfriend A Dis

Boy I can¹t believe this is true
Your lady's dissing you
Man, that girl must be crazy
See I'd never dis a brother like you,
Honey one thing is true
I¹m ready to fill her shoes
An if mi say mi want it would u oblige
Bring it come gimmie, di sitten so nice
If u galfriend a dis, with me come spend some time
Nu mek she get ina yuh way let her off a nine mile


She don't know what she's got till its gone
Giving up a gem and picking up a stone
But mi ready anytime fi tek ova di yard
Ca u caan have a good man and nuh waan fi perform
Nuff other man would a knock off yuh face
But di man whe u have neva pass him place
A gal lacka yuh gi woman bad name
Move, annada gal a go tek ova yuh space