Tanto Metro

What yuh gonna do, when yuh black and blue
We gonna make you (who) can stay deh gwan
Screw, gwan screw

When mi under mi Guiness is a different thing (Sample Wha)
Gal haffi fi bawl and gal haffi go sing
Repeat 3x

Verse 1:
Half dozen Guiness rude bwoy naah pet yuh
Large and in charge so mi know mi haffi get yuh
Ready fi di fluff so mi know mi haffi wet yuh
What yuh gonna do, What yuh gonna do
Page mi nynex gal fi get Ssss....
Ready fi di flex who's next, who's next
If a gal a tek set she mi naah pet
Mek she gwaan tarry she nuh know weh she a go get


Verse 2:
Add little sousi perella blend them together
A it mek Ann-Marie sing acappella
She go tell Angela, di Bank Teller
Now every gal out deh waah mi pick off dem feather
Now run up inna mi pole and collide
Neva know a so much energy Guiness
She fi thank God seh she still a survive
Mi door mark slippery when wet and she run come slide

Verse 3:
Well a gal haffi go fear it rest inna mi back
Just tun on di heat mek mi launch di attack
When mi load up di gun, di gal dem swear it was a glock
Mi tek di three our a di pack fi di big eleven mack
What shock di gal a bawl bout she waan leave yah
How much she sick and she a toast wid fever
Mi naah stop serve till di service deliver
Bout yuh have white liver and a shiver