Long Time
Devonte & Tanto Metro

Mi never see a woman like u in a long time.
Mi na tell no lie gal u look so fine.
Face and u shape and yu body combine
look like u out fi go blow my mind.
Woman like u mi only see in a mi dream
All in a one a dem fashion magazine
Nuff mon a look u when u deh pon di scene
Gwaan hot gal ca u know u a lead

Verse 1:
Fat mon see u and a bawl out spsss...
Slim man see u and a shout hey miss
Dem never see a woman so clean and criss
U a Number 1 pon di hot gal list
Yu have a blind mon just a lust and
All a wish. Old mon without teeth a blow all kiss.
A mash up mi head di way yu walk and twist
A long time mi want buck a gal like dis.


Verse 2:
U a top di charts like a hit tune u buss
If a competition, a yu a come fuss
Mi nah tell no lie gal a mi u fi trust
Mi haffi get u body gal u know dat a must
U know u gone a lead cause u have ambition
Yu nah bounce about with no one bagga mon
Nobody cyan spoil up u reputation
A mi u fi work wit, a talk a yu plan


Repeat Verse 1

Thanx to dancehallreggae.com for this lyric !