Tanto Metro

Lardy, lardy
Respect goes out to all the gal them
Mi love them, mi care fi them
Naah stop mind them, lardy, lardy
Watch mi nuh

Respect goes out to all the gall them
Weh nuh anarexal gal
From yuh posses the glue and yuh know that fi true
The yuh have up the right serial
Man waah pick yuh fruit thru yuh little and yuh cute
And yuh body nuh tired and yuh look good bad
Yuh good wife material

Intro 2:
Respect goes, respect goes, respect goes
Respect goes

Verse 1:
Good body gal every man just waah
That a weh yuh have gal every man a haunt
Body weh yuh have good it yuh flaunt
Gal just gwaan a dance (cause) Yuh a mi nice little filly from west
The way mu love yuh bad yuh precious more that me sess
The face and the physique the style wah yuh possess
A you mi a request (yes)


Verse 2:
The make up a mirage fi mek yuh tink a cute face
A model in a shorts all a wine up waist
A nuff up them self but them naah get nuh date
Them deh gal deh fi lock inna cage (fi days)
Si mi in a mi Honda she deh itch up a mi gate
But mi nuh want her with her quart bottle shape
This gal all a pay but mi naah ketch the bait
Affi get out a the place (in a hase)
Affi get out a the place


Verse 3:
From yuh body good respect due
Goodas gal always have the glue
Man affi sit and watch and scratch them head top
But still them caah find the clue
One man alone yuh know have few
Nuh wretchinella caah step inna yuh shoe
Yuh a decent woman and yuh have ambition
So them caah talk to you (any how)