Haters Anthem
Frankie Sly

I see them trying to draw us out
But si jus hold a different route
Bun some highgrade, sip a couple stout
Caah wi know dem jus a run up dem mouth
When dem hear from shout
Alias bad bwo fly out

Yuh nuh know seh wi nuh give a damn if dem hate wi
After wi nuh too waan dem fassyhole dem rate wi
Tink seh man a fool fi mek dem idiot deh bait wi
Right yah now a money Sly a look an guh thru
Caah wi nuh press fi dem fassyhole deh rate wi
Woulda waan even two rich gal fi date wi
Sly jus a look some money an guh thru

Verse 1:
Caah when mi look inna di ratio
Nuff a dem a hype up and a flip up dem a gazza
Tell dem man a gallis and wi sharper than razar
Wi nuh have nuff time fi falla up nuh steppa hater
Si dem waan come draw wi out but leggo dat yuh hear sah
Wi nuh deh pon dat yah now suh si unnu little later
A many man a look weh waan food inna dem plate-ah
Man fi have some pretty car a park up a di gate-ah
Lie dung inna bed a get breakfast mi nuh wait-ah
Little more wi an wi hottie hottie gone a theatre
All a boy a talk a choo him don't have wi date-ah
Si wi inna dem state-ah, dem nuh worry we


Verse 2:
Check out
How much a wi despress
How much a wi stress
How much a wi a work everyday an still dess
How much a wi suffer
How much a wi did bless
How much a wi di devil still a test
Check out
How much a wi did know
How much a wi a guess
How much a wi a gooders
How much a wi a pest
How much a wi a seh no yaah
How much a wi seh yeas
How much a wi a smoke di boom sess


Repeat Verse 1

This song is pon di great Bug-Riddim ! Fi other songs pon di Bug-Riddim click here !

Thanx to dancehallreggae.com for this lyric !