Think We Nice
Frisco Kid

Mi warn them, an a tell dem say
Looks is deceiving
But dem wont believe mi from morning,
An now a evening I dont waan fi tell them again.
(Ya Ya Ya Ya) Well yuh done know.

Think we nice, bwoy like we rotten
Jus thru we smooth like a silk an satin
Think we nice, bwoy like we bitter,
Anytime we see woman we skin ketch a fire


Verse 1:
Tonite mi touc the road mi haffi get a gal
Yuh know sey little more we gone a Port Royal
Tomorrow nite mi want a new goose
So mi a guh look a one room over Laroose
Darati Blues have the small waist
Well mi hear sey she ha flea but mi naw watch nuh face
Mitzi fat an mi want har
An mi haffi get mitzi caw she love criss car
Barrel come so Nikki have new dress
See har up the raod say she dress to impress
Mi beg har an she say she a deal wid progress
But she gimmi when mi promise har hundred US


Verse 2:
We feature any ends caw old dog nuh fraid
Carrel Nicki yaad like a raid mi a raid
Go in pon Nicki when Nicki did a bathe
Do wha mi fi do an all pass thru the maid
The way mi operate them think mi live inna cave
Mi dutty up the house black like a spade
Before Nicki mother come home an hell
Start raise Mi inna barber shop a hol a decent fade

Verse 3:
Thru mi is a bwoy whey every big woman like
From mi a little bit a ride pon bike
But dem nuh know when the ol dog a strike
Causee the hol a dem daughter talk pon mi mike
Mi nuh mek people see mi with weed
So dem nuh know mi nast deed
People nuh know sey a nuff gal mi breed
So mi jus a cool out an a gwaan sow mi seed

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