Ring Mi Cellie

Dem cyah stay deh talk,
Da likkle mawga bwoy ya a come done di millenium

Verse 1:
Mi ketch a gal inna di act
Bout she waan tief mi Startac
Den she have di nerve fi wah
Come check mi back
She crack?  Anytime mi tell a girl pack
Shirt... blouse... shoes... frock
Clock, a so mi have di gal a tick-tock
Her grandma come an ketch wi an shock
She cyah believe a har grand pickney
Cool, nu better dan that

Tru di gal hear mi pon the radio
Si mi pon the telli
(Phone rings) ring off mi cellie
Guess which gal wah mi DJ accapele
Hear mi pon the radio, si mi pon di tellie
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring off mi cellie
One bag a gal wah rub, rub down mi belly

Verse 2:
Sandy she di girl weh pay mi phone bill
Tracy-Ann a she light up mi coal skill
Di one Renee she live right behind Nannyville
Mi and mi babymother leff but wi slam still
To how mi flex mi hadda seh dat mi nuh easy
Right yah ah di boss wife a tease mi
Yuh wah si how she a squeeze mi


Verse 3:
If yu check it a twelve gal mi tell yu bout
An mi tell yu bout Micelle weh live out a South
Punchinella she love use fi har mout
Mi neva know seh a so Sheena she bruck out
Yu know how long Lady Saw wah screw mi
Queen Paula and Mackerel waan do mi
All di Japanese gal weh name Yomi
Seh if mi do slap har friend shi a go...

This song is pon di Dirty Money-Riddim ! Click here to find more songs pon dis Riddim !

Thanx to dancehallreggae.com for this lyric !