Nice site with Riddim-Infos, reports of events and news about releases of CD's, LP's and Singles !
Check this site also for Dancehall-News, Dates and other stuff !

Germaican Observer

Online Magazine focussing on Reggae and Dancehall in Germany ! One of the most interesting sites I've seen on the web !
Concert-Reviews (you can send your reports), Interviews with Artists, Infos about forthcoming albums, etc...

Wicked website with Reggae, HipHop & Dancehall radio streams.
In addition you'll find interviews, album reviews, music videos and much more...

Irie Ites

Very popular Soundsystem website with lots of features. You'll get reviews, interviews, news, dates and a lot more.
Of course you'll get infos about this sound !

Dancehall Reggae Productions

Great Reggae-Site with a huge amount of information about Reggae and Dancehall !

Reggae Lyrics Archive

The first site I found on the web a long time ago, when I searched for Reggae-Lyrics !
This guy rules ! You'll find mainly Roots-Lyrics ! In the future our sites cooperate !
I will focus on the Dancehall-Lyrics, while he keeps going on with the Roots-Stuff !


Soundsystem from Berlin ! Check out my page about Soundsystems for more information !


Soundsystem from Berlin ! Check out my page about Soundsystems for more information !

Pow Pow Movement

Soundsystem from Cologne ! Check out my page about Soundsystems for more information !


Another Soundsystem from Germany ! Check out my page about Soundsystems for more information !

Silly Walks

Soundsystem from Hamburg ! Check out my page about Soundsystems for more information !

SmallAxe Soundsystem

Cool Soundsystem from Aachen ! Check also my page about Soundsystems for more information !


One more Soundsystem from Germany !


Germany Soundsystem from Stuttgart !

DC Coordination

Booking agency in Germany for DJ's & Artists. They also run a shop with lots of items you might need !
Check the homepage for more informations !

One Love Hi Powa

Italians No. 1 Soundsystem (Rome) ! This soundsystem was founded in 1993 !
Besides their soundsystem activities their are running a record shop in Itaty specialized on Reggae and Dancehall !
They are also promoting live concerts and soundsystems with reggae artists (Italian and International) in Italy !

Entertaining website ! You'll find lots of reviews and informations about lot of artists !
Really worth a visit...

Great website offering news and most important: A free Internet-Radio-Station !!!
Check out their high-quality Radiostream !

Bam Bam Soundsystem

Growing Soundsystem from Germany !
Get in touch with them if you want to cut Dubplates ! They offer Mix-CD's & Tapes as well !

KingTurbo Entertainment

Canada's Number # 1 Reggae Soundsystem ! Check the site for wicked Media !

Heyedrin Soundsystem

Check their site and their nice live stream !

DJ Kaas

This guy is offers wicked mixes and refixes ! You'll also get some pics from concerts in Holland & Belgium there !
Mek sure to visit his site...

Check Ashanti's Site for some of the wickedest mixes you could get pon di internet !
Ashanti run tings in superb quality ! No crap...

Great Reggae community offering news and some tunes !
Don't miss it...

This site is amazing. It feature an incredible amount of RealAudio-Streams.
You'll find Streams of Mix-Tapes, new Riddim-Mixes and Soundclash-Tapes.


Nice site dedicated to Reggae and Dancehall ! Good infos about Reggae and Dancehall !
As these guys are from Hamburg, they are offering great contents on the Hamburg scene ! Big up !


French site offering Real Audio Samples !

Jammin Reggae Archives

Reggae-Site with soundsamples, Dates and other stuff ! Really a great Website !
Frequently updated !

Junior Reid - Official Site promiting his new album !

Check this new site for additional Infos about Junior Reid's new album "One Blood" !
You'll find some tunes there !

Rude Rich And The Highnotes

Dutch Rocksteady-Reggae-Ska Band

Great Reggae-Site ! This one offers the latest news in Reggae and Dancehall !
Another great feature is their lyrics search engine !

This site offers a huge amount of pictures !

Nice site offering great pictures of artists in concert ! Pictures are taken from performances in Germany !


Nice looking website with lots of reggae sounds !


Check this site to get nice informations about Reggae !

Dread Phonic Records

New french website which offers single reviews and some more information !


Online Radio-Station offering Reggae and Soca !

New Link-Site which allows you to search for music websites !

Deeboz Music

Production company specialized in artist management !

Bingie Barker

A real Reggae-Veteran ! Check out his site ! He also offers some free mp3-downloads !


A really great Reggae-Site ! Infos about the German Reggae-Jam in Cologne, Clubs in Germany and much more  !

Free mp3-files for download. A searchengine helps you to find the links to free and legal mp3's of
really great artists.

BeuzeR's Website

This site offers some Mix-Tape done by BeuzeR ! Of course for promotional purpose only !

German Recordstore and Booking Agency (DJ's & Artists) !
Check dem page !

Winkotown Skankers

Soundsystem and Reggae group from Sweden !
Site still under construction ! Just take a peek...

If you got other great and interesting links, e-mail me !

This page is still under construction !