Mek Mi Si Di Gal Dem
Mad Cobra

Verse 1:
Expose underwear clean
Gal a drop wud she betta chat weh she mean
A couldn't yuh she stop wid tell mi Maureen
Cause when looks a gi way no where she was seen yeah
Norish du kitty cat cause yuh know say it nuh tired
Bwoy caan mix yuh inna nuh kalis backas
An thank God nobody caan call you nuh bowas
Then yuh go so

Mek mi si di gal dem
Whey know dem ever tight
Yuh naffi ketch man fi wear
Hot clothes yuh nice
Tell a gal nuh mix yuh inna
Har old dutty life
No fraid fi sey go way yuh dun like
A who mi hear dun out an nah no vibes
An wah man fi tell har say she
Have di right size
Gwaan like dem hot an dem wow a mek noise
No fraid fi sey go way yuh dun like

Verse 2:
Well all my sexy cuties out deh right about now
Underwear clean gal grab up yuh wow
A gal caan bruk out she fi move har blow wow
An tell dem fi gwaan a hot gal time now
A gal want dis well tell har fi try
Jump inna yuh chest mek you juck out she eye
Stand side a yuh dem gal deh no qualify
Done di whole a dem I an I testify

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Slappy Sue dat mi call di gal dem wey try dis yuh
Galang like a yuh mek dem run out a glue
Dem gal deh a do some sinting wey yuh nah do
Like sey a yuh mek dem teeth look mildew
Same way mi get it a same way mi talk it
Every missa man use dem gal deh as target
Splice an him friend dem use dat an blast it
Blacka write it off wey day an park it
So mi spit an pass it

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