It's Not Fine
Madd Anju


A how much time dis a go happen to me star ?
Everytime mi fi get piece, mi get ketch
Jah know star, you know wha?
Low da intro deh

Verse 1:

Madd bwoy, madd bwoy, you're so exciting
A dat a girl say ina a letter she writing
Say she have a man and she no longer like him
She a lef so she say she a do thing fi spite him
Go fi check her one day, but mi sight him
Me, she and him ina di house nuh inviting
Hope she neva expect me fi fight him
Cause him big thick and crusty and look like viking
Next time we buck it wasn't to my liking
Him ketch mi pan him girl and a ask mi "why king" ?
Mi know mi really couldn't tell di breda no lie ting
A time fi run, not time fi shy ting
Him swing piece a ply afta mi and mi sight him
Stretch fi grab mi same time she bite him
Me neva know di breda join di peep and spy ting
Him mek mi haffi flash like lightening


It's not fine when you a gi bun
Cause some times wrong tings can go done
Most man don't mind when dem a have fun
But if you a joe grind prepare fi run

Verse 2:

Di older you get the more you should be wising
yet mi eva ina trouble and it's not surprising
Dave is a don, people idolize him
Use to live ina mi scheme and mi live beside him
Him have a girl who mi always eyesing
Every morning she come out she exercising
Mi couldn't help but watch her legs dem dividing
Her bumper and breast dem have mi nature rising
Tho mi did poor and pauperising
She love mi bad dat she wasn't disguising
So five days a week ina him girl mi dive in
And a jump over wall when mi hear him drive in
Mi get so relax mi all figat bout hiding
Till him ketch har a ride mi better than how she ride him
Him lock di door, now a di devil a guide im
Him surprise me and she surprise him

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:

A next girl promise fi gimmie some nice ting
Mi ask and she tell me say it wasn't no price ting
She tell me say fi expect sugar and spice ting
Cause mi nuh really deh pan di mackerel and rice ting
Mi reach a di yard ready fi do di splice ting
Back out mi knife ready fi do di slice ting
Den mi hear she holla out dis Jesus Christ ting
Har fadah a come, she just hear him voice king
Mi a look fi hole ina wall like mice ting
Cause she a tell me say it is a death or life ting
She tell mi say har fadah colder dan ice king
Him strangle a man fi look pan him wife ring
Di neighbour dem spot di play and rejoicing
A wrong number roll fi mi pan di dice king
Dis is not a once is a more dan twice ting
Mi need help and advice king

Repeat Chorus

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