Wah Dis Fadda
Madd Anju

Father forgive mi, mi nah complain
But sometime the sysem stressing to the brain
When things get tuff an times get harder
Sometime wi affi ask, a wha dis fadda
Repeat 2x

Verse 1:
Mi aim in life is to big like Shabba
Things ruff now so mi thin out an mawga
Mi a gwaan collect fare pan a old encava
A me dis? A wha dis fadda

Two man back mi dung inna a rusty lada
An say hey wah you a do over badman border
Run or dead bwoy wha you rather
So while mi a run mi afi ask, a wha dis fadda

Unu kibba unu mouth nuh mek mi gi unu di saga
Mi use to have a big fat girl name Marva
She run whe wid mi furniture and all a mi pardoner
Mi mash up now, a wha dis fadda

Hot gal a stress dem man fi new clothes
People a stress government fi new roads
Some man nuh have cellular but yet dem have charger
An a hype up pan we, a wha di fadda

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Mi don't like prison, mi don't hate warder
Mmi prefer to lead a life of law an order
Yuh can imagine me inna prison by man a get sadda
A gallis like me, a wha dis fadda

And even though mi like fi see sexy Marva
Think she can mek mi sweat down an mawga
Like fool go drown myself inna harbour
An she still a live, a wha dis fadda

Every youth a turn DJ, druggist or baller
Nuh youth nuh want do nuttin like tun all farmer
Dem seh hot bwoy nuh plant nuh yam or cassava
So how dem ago eat, a wha dis fadda

Some big grey tone man a mop the schoolers
A pure funny jokes dem a mek bout the rulers
Dem seh sell out Ras fi go visit dem barber
A nuh me say it, a wha dis fadda

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Satan neva strike, gunman walk a night
Some gal caan cook but fi man dem a fight
The hole inna the ozone is getting broader
Unu know wha a gwaan, a wha dis fadda

Sink or swim, Madd Anju ride rhythm
An from a guy funny mi nuh cater fi him
Mi hear say Ru Paul is getting larger
A woman or man, a wha dis fadda

Zip zap Madd Anju get hot
Mi like girls wha sexy mi love girls wha fat
All girls bruk out from yuh know say yuh nuh mawga
Watch dem nuh a wha dis fadda

Repeat Chorus

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