!! Message to all visitors of my site !!
!! Please read the entire message !!

First of all I'd like to thank you all for visiting this website... Although I even don't get any money for all those visits ! ;-)
As you might have noticed there are no banners and stuff, besides the Tripod-Banner which I must have on that site because they host these pages.

In order to avoid any pop-up windows, this will not change in the future !

A lot of you appreciate the work I'm doing, as mentioned in my guestbook or in all those mails I receive from you. Thanks again !
But some of my visitors started complaining about various things:

1. No regular updates of the Lyrics-Section
2. No regular updates of the Riddim-Section
3. No email-notification when the site has been updated
4. No mp3-Section
5. No more selling my Mix-CD's

So here are the reasons why:

1. Lyrics-Section:
Updating the Lyrics-Section takes time. I have to search the lyrics on the web, just like you...
As a matter of fact i'm not from Jamaica and Patois is still kinda difficult for me to understand.
So I'm not always able to figure out what the artists are singing and chatting ! I apologize...
Even if I try hard, some parts would always be missing even after 3 days of listening to one particular song. ;-)

2. Riddim-Section:
Updating the Riddim-Section (my major interest) takes even more time.
I have to figure out all artists and hopefully being able to offer soundsamples. And this is the problem !
Converting ONE Soundsample takes about 10 minutes !!!
But there is one more problem: I have NOT unlimited webspace.
There is a total of 50 MB's available. And about 40 MB's are already in use !
Why I'm not getting more ? Hehe, easy answer: I would have to pay for it.
As I mentioned at the beginning, I'm not getting any money for your visits...

I'm already negotiating with some friends of mine to get some webspace on their servers.
It even might happen, I'm moving the whole site !

3. email-notification:
I won't offer this service ! Tripod offers it already ! LOL
Take a look at every single page you visit.
Below each banner (on top of each page) got a link called: "Tell me when this page is updated" !!!!
So why are there still people asking for email-notification ?? Hehehe...

4. mp3-Section:
Offering mp3's on this website is prohibited.
I'm not offering any mp3's and will never offer any mp3's on this site...
There are lots of other sites doing that already at their own risk !
And I'm sure you already know how to get the songs you are looking for.
In addition to that, please make sure you buy some records from time to time, in order to support the artists...

5. Selling Mix-CD:
Some of you might remember my Mix-CD-Section.
I decided to stop selling them because some people never paid for them !
If some of them are reading this: FUCK YOU !!!!

I never meant to make big money with selling those mixes. To be honest it earned about $1 if the people paid them. That's not that much, huh ?
Well, shipping (mainly outside Europe) changing currency and stuff are quite expensive. So it coverd only my expenses
As I'm not a professional DJ, I was not willing to let people pay that much for my mixes.

But I consider shipping my Mixes within Europe, as there is ONE currency since 2002 !
So I could keep costs low and stuff.
At the moment you could download and rate my Mix at www.cla.at ! (Note: Mix is reduced in quality !!!)

That's it... All I wanted to let you know !

Well, one thing:
I really would like to spend some more time updating this site, but I'm not able at the moment !
Well, study, work, family, friends, etc... You should know !!

I hope you will keep visiting my site....

Jah Blessings,