Finished mirroring my lyrics. Within in the mirrored Lyrics-Section there are already some links to the Riddim-Section,
which are not available at the moment. I will try to add the Riddims on my Mirror-Site as soon as possible.
So for now, please do not use them...

Please be patient and check this page for further news !

Please make sure you update your bookmarks and/or use the links from the old but updated starting page !
Old links in your bookmarks should work, but as you might have noticed, Pics and Soundsamples are gone !
It's not my fault. Tripod deleted the files, as they reduced free webspace (50MB > 20MB)...

Right now the following Sections should work on the Mirror-Site:





Clubs in Berlin

Other Clubs


Starting to move my site to a german mirror !
Tripod US reduced webspace (now only 20MB) and set a bandwith limit (1GB).
I have about 7000 page views each day which means way more than 1GB traffic/month.

Thanks !!!