Four Four

Cho bl**d cl**t, weh unoo seh, blood fi run?
Mi did inna a good mood eenuh
Anyway, weh unoo seh, start the killing?

Have you ever heard the sound of a Four Four at your door
You've got guns, I've got guns meet me at the corner stone
In this smooth wild wild west a bwoy want feel mi matic inna him chest
Weh God bless lay them to rest when mi under mi chonic
Yow mi good draw a sess rude bwoy sing

Chorus 2:
Gunshot inna the air from yuh know seh a bwoy fi move him b*mb*
cl**t from 'bout yah
Hallow point we a buss from yuh know seh a bwoy fi move him b*mb*

Verse 1:
Go tell them we a murderer, slaughterer
Look pon wi face, wi favour serial killer
We a murderer, slaughterer anything test wi a go dead
Yow mi seh me never see mu gun tek drip
Never si mi gun a hop, never si mu gun a skip
Disrespect boy there you a go flip
Disrespect and now yuh wings a go clip


Verse 2:
So mi go so bad man sitten yow wi nuh play
Bad man sitten yuh wi dead right away
Bad man sitten yow wi nuh ramp
Yow yuh dis the vibes and yuh get cramp
Yow wi have mi knife inna mi pocket me a chuck it
Anything test right away kick the bucket
Yow si mi blade inna yuh face bwoy suck it
Worse if yuh ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever
Mek mi draw fi mi matic
Sitten a go dead before yuh say John Gotti
Gun inna mi hand and it no wear inna pocket
Caah escape you coulda fast like a rocket

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