Reggae Bring Back Love
Morgan Heritage

Oh God...
We can see God bless reggae music once again
It's so nice, it's so sweet, it's so beautiful to see....
The people live in sweet, sweet love...
Oh yeah

Verse 1:
I and I feel the vibes
Lord knows it feels right
We can feel Jah love... (woy)
Flowing amongst mankind

Give thanks for sweet reggae music
And it's positive vibes
Reggae music send a positive charge
To the hearts of mankind

Reggae brings back love (In the heart of the people)
Reggae brings back sweet sweet love
Reggae brings back love (In the heart of the Ghetto)
Reggae brings back sweet, sweet love

Verse 2:
Oh lord
It's all coming back (It's all coming back)
The way we use the vibes
Oh brothers and sisters
Ina dancehall style
Oh what a sweet sensation
Rastaman Vibration
Take a hold of Reggae sensation
In this young generation


Repeat from top

This song can be found on their album "Don't Haffi Dread" !

Thanx to for this lyric !