Sneak Up
Mr. Chicken

When wi a tek a bwoy gal wi no sneak up,
Yu know a bare face wi do it, wi nuh sneak up,
When wi a work a bwoy girl him ketch hiccup,
If him nuh like weh wi a do tell fi speak up,
The Guiness and the tonic weh wi beat up,
We a go check a bwoy gal yu know wi sweet up,
Inna wi Tommy Hilfiger well neat up,
If him nuh like weh we a do tell him fi speak up

Verse 1:
Because dem gal a sey wi brave,
We nuh business bout Dave,
If him waan come ketch wi inna har cave,
She say so: 'Di bwoy nuh have no sense,
And him don't have nuh use,
Him nuh stop watch fowl fi mongoose',
Joe Grind deh a him yard,
And a run up him phone bill,
Him have a good gal inna him yard,
And a treat har like dog,
See it deh now a me get the kill

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Dem yah gal ya look so nice,
An dem ya gal ya look so sweet,
Dem no waan nuh bwoy a come a say dem weak,
Di gal dem waan the agony to the pleasure,
Dem wi love yuh more better,
Dem no waan nuh bwoy a come a say dem caan,
Drink up the Guiness get the power,
Gi har the time an gi har the hour,
A good wuk dem waan,
Dem no waan nuh bwoy a come a say dem sorry,
Dem wi tell yuh no fi tarry,
A new man di gal dem want

Repeat Chorus