Wagga Wagga Fat
Delly Ranks

Delly Rankings here to stay
Never never go away
Di Dj's here to stay
Fi di girls dem night and day y'nuh
Cause mi seh

Real hot gal nuh carry wagga wagga fat
If a gal wagga wagga dat mean her show flop
Skin haffi clean and tight, straight up to di max
And di face nuh juckie juckie like a sour sop


Verse 1:
Mi nuh waan nuh gal weh fayva Missie Elliot
Mi nuh waan nuh gal weh cyaan siddung inna mi lap
Mi nuh waan nuh gal weh wear X-X-X frock
Mi nuh waan nuh gal weh can mek mi sitten crack

Yuh haffi have di ting fi celebrate success
Passion, fashion, have it inna di latest
When man a pass dem a shout out greatness
Can win any Miss form a contest..
Delly Ranks seh

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
Skin fi clean like di girls inna fashion magazine
When yuh tight, any man woulda waan yuh be wife
Shape good, like di way a real hot girl should
Teet white, when yuh smile yuh leave a beautiful sight
Like Alliyah, Madonna, and Lisa-Anna
Janet Jackson, and Whitney, di cute girl Monica
Hale Berry, Sherry, Cherry, Terry
Show off cause yuh mek yuh man merry

Chorus 2x

This song is pon di Headache-Riddim ! Click here to find more songs pon dis Riddim !

Thanx to dancehallreggae.com for this lyric !