Go Cinderella
Richie Stevens

Go, go, go Cinderella
You got me sweating from the heat of the pressure
Go, go, go Cinderella
Does everybody know ya hot like a fire
Go, go, go Cinderella
Sexy body and ya face make me shiver
Go, go, go Cinderella
Ya pretty smile just a haunt my desire

Verse 1:
You're so fresh and clean
you're like a beauty queen
On the cover of a magazine
You got the cutest smile
You got me goin' wild
You're like a star from a movie seen


Verse 2:
Girl every man keeps making plans, they just want to be with you
You're young and free
Each man can see
Like a dream come true



Thanx to dancehallreggae.com for this lyric !