(King Jammy, 1987)
Admiral Bailey - Big Belly Man
Courtney Melody - Bad Boy
Derrick Irie - Slide And Wine
Don Angelo - Computer She So
Fire House Crew - Computer In Dub
Horse Man Daddy - Fat Belly Man
Johnny Osbourne - This Old Man
Lady June - Slim Belly Man
Little John - Gal Yu Mud Up
Little Twitch - Make Us A Life
Lt. Stitchie - Learn Fe Read And Spell
Major Worries - Mi Nuh Response
Pampidoo - Synthesizer Voice
Pan Bird - I Donít Care
Phantom - Pick Yu Cherry
Pinchers - Agony
Red Dragon - Agony
Risto Benjie - Donít Pirate It
Sanchez - Loneliness
Sanchez - Please Return Your Love
Sanchez - Sad Song
Sanchez & Flourgon - Dungle Love
Screwdriver - Poor People Love
Shabba Ranks - Must Love Reggae (Get Up And Move)
Singing Melody - Love Inside Of You
Super Black - Dem A Sign
Thriller U - Time After Time
Tonto Irie - Slim Belly Man
Tulloch T. - Think Me Did Gone