A Love I Can Feel
(Sir Coxson Dodd)
Admiral Tibett - Donít Love To Mingle
Alton Millis - Man From Studio One
Beres Hammond - Tempted To Touch
Cornell Campbell - Give Your Love To Me
Cutty Ranks - Love Me Haffi Get
Cutty Ranks & Beres Hammond - Love Me Haffi Get
Dennis Alcapone - Version I Can Feel
Dillinger - Lier Linda
Ernest Wilson - Little Did You Know
Frankie Paul - Giving You The Benett
Frankie Paul & Richie Stephens - Jammin'
Inner Circle - Sweat
Jennifer Lara - Touch Me All Over
John Holt - A Love I Can Feel
Josey Wales - Love Weh Me Want Me Have Fi Get (Love I Want)
Little John - Gambling
Little Twitch - Woman A Yu Yard
Ninjaman - From Me Hold Him
Pinchers - Dreams And Illusions
Richie Stephens - Trying To Get You
Risto Benjie - Gwaan A School
Sanchez - Canít Wait
Silverstones - My Desire
Superman & Spiderman - No Push Muder
Tenor Saw - I Love My Woman
Thriller U - Over And Done
Tiger - Born Lover Man
Tony Rebel - Fresh Vegetable
Tony Tuff - Iíve Got To Get You
Yellowman & Norbert Clarke - Hey Little Girl