Bitter Blood
(produced by Steelie & Clevie, Studio 2000, 1999)
Beenie Man - Bitter Mi Blood
Burro Banton - One For The Money
Capleton - Stay Far From Trouble
Elephant Man - War War War
General Degree - Dem No Bad Like We
Ghost - You
Goofy - Man A Thug
Lady Saw - Hanky Panky
Lexxus - Cook
Lovindeer - No Puss We Hold Watch
Merciless - Cook War
Mr. Pepper - The Don Cinderella
Mr. Vegas - Want Mi Money
Red Rat - Me Salt
Richie Stephens - Ainít No Proud To Beg
Roundhead - Call In The Money
Sean Paul - Slap Trap
T.O.K. - Gal Dem We A Defend
Ward 21 - Gangster Don't Retire