Black Cinderella
(produced by Sir Coxson Dodd)
Admiral Tibett - Envious People
Banto - Jah Works
Cournty Melody - World On My Shoulder
Edi Fitzroy - There Is A Fire
Errol Dunkley - Black Cinderella
General Pecos - Health And Strength
George Nooks - No More
I-Roy - Sound Education
Lukie D. - Made A Voe
Norris Man - Wha Them Enjoy
Raymond Lodge - No Future
Richie B. & Dewey Ranks - Monoo
Sanchez - Black Cinderella
Simpleton - Walk With Yu Friends
Singing Melody - On And On
Sister Carol - Black Cinderella
Sizzla - Can't Cool (Can't Quench)
Sizzla - Can't Cool Mix I
Terror Fabulous - Whenever Time
Thriller U - Who-Ahh