(Mac Dada / other Labels, 1998)
Anthony B. - Sing Pon Riddim
Billy Boyo - Jah Jah Made Me To Be A M.C.
Buccaneer - From Day One
Bunny Lie Lie - Mr. Dynamite
Charlie Chaplin - Rumour
Cornell Campbell - Boxing
Early B. - Learn Fi Drive
George Nooks - Yoyo Remix
Jah Thomas & Midnight Rock Crew - Learn Fi Dub
Josey Wales - Bouncing
Lady Saw & Cornell Campbell - Boxing
Lee Van Cleef - Young Lover
Little John - Itís Me
Little John - Roots Girl
Luciano - Good Times
Nigger Kojak & Liza - Bam Bam
Papa Benjie - London A Fe Mi City
Peter Metro - Vegetable Dish
Ranking Joe - Skank It Over There
Sister Candy - Black Culture
Sister Candy - Useless Johnnie
Spragga Benz - Badman Over Deh So
Sugar Black & Lebanculah - Settling Down
Tony Curtis - Someone To Love
U-Brown - Stop Your Bouncing
Yellowman - For Your Eyes Only