Real Rock
(produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd, 1967)
Admiral Bailey - You Can Do It
Admiral Tibett - Canít Hold Me
Admiral Tibett - Chase Them Jah
Admiral Tibett - Hang Them
Al Campbell - Canít Hold We
Anthony Redrose - This Time Will Be Sweeter
Anthony Redrose & Don Carlos - Idle Minds
Antonio - To Know Her
Archie & Lynn - Rat In The Center
Asher Senator - Jah Me Right
Augustus Pablo - Corner Crew Dub
Augustus Pablo - El Rockers
Augustus Pablo - Real Rock
Augustus Pablo - Rocking Dub
Augustus Pablo - Rockers Rock
Badoo - Kinarky
Banana Man - Oh Girl
Barrington Levy - Looking My Love
Barrington Levy - Money Makes Friends
Barrington Levy & Cutty Ranks - Looking My Love
Basey Jockey - Haile King Selassie Nonstop
Beres Hammond - I Could Beat Myself
Born Jamericans - Boom Shak-A-Tack
Bounty Killer - Roots, Reality & Culture
Captain Kenterious - Itís A Must
Charlie Chaplin - Exploiting
Charlie Chaplin - Labrish
Charlie Chaplin - Respect Due
Charlie Chaplin - Weeping And Wailing
Charlie Chaplin & Josey Wales - Swing Low
Chronicle - Chronic Man
Chuck Turner - Bubbling
Clash - Justice Tonight & Kick It Over
Clement Irie - Live Good
Cocoa Tea - Love Me Truly
Cocoa Tea - Rocking Dolly
Cocoa Tea - She Loves Me Now
Conroy Brown - Opressor
Contracter - Fight The Herb
Cornell Campbell - Rope In
Daddy Lizard - Row Your Love
Dean Fraser - Big Up
Delly Ranks - Pan Me Wall
Delroy Melody - Movie Star
Dennis Brown - Stop The Fussing And Fighting
Dennis Brown - Time To Unite
Dennis Brown - Together Brothers
Dillinger - Fountain On The Mountain
Dillinger & Jah Bible - No Promise
Dirtsman - Stand Out
Don Carlos - Ababa John I
Don Carlos - Moving On Creation
Eccleton Jarret - More Rud A Dub
Eek-A-Mouse - Anarexol
Errol Scorcher - Girls Be Careful
Errol Scorcher - Roach In De Corner
Errol Scorcher - Roach In The Toilet
Everton Blender - Gold Finger
Flat Earth Society - Outro
Flourgon - Rich And Switch (Nah Go Switch)
Flourgon & Shabba Ranks - Shock Out
Fondon Irie - U Body Ready
Frankie Paul - Dem A Go Feel It
Frankie Paul - Sorry To Say Iím Sorry
Fred Locks - Black Starliner
General Degree - Off Balance
General Echo - She Have A Pair Of Headlamp Breast
General T.K. - We Nuh Borrow Gun
George Nooks - Moses
Ghost - Run To You
Gregory Isaacs - Give Love A Try
Gregory Isaacs - Make Me Prosper
Gregory Isaacs - So Long Babe
Gregory Isaacs - Yush
Half Pint - Christmas Vibe
Hopeton Lewis - Spanish Harlem
Hugh Griffiths - Let Me Be
Hugh Griffiths - So Long
Hugh Mundell - False Rumour
Hugh Mundell - One Jah One Aim One Destiny
Jack Radics - Unchained Melody
Jackie Mittoo - Mash Down Babylon
Jah Levi - False Rumour
Jah Mel - No Sympathy, No Cure
Jah Mikey - Itís Of The Pass
Jah T - El Rockers
Jah Thomas - Dance Pon The Corner
Jah Thomas - New Style
Japanese - Tickirated
Jesse Proverbs - Reaction
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis - My Sound A Murder
Joe Tex & U Black - Rub-A-Dub Evening
John Wayne - You Too Greedy
Johnny Osbourne - Lend Me The Sixteen
Johnny Osbourne - Lend Me Your Chopper
Johnny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound
Johnny P. - Dem Get Mi Mad
Johnny Ringo - Hotel
Joseph Cotton - Here Comes Rasta
Joseph Cotton - Religion
Joseph Cotton, AJ Franklyn & T Leggo Douglas - Documents
Josey Wales - Girls Take Care A Your Man
Josey Wales - Too Greedy
Junior Brammer - Them A Mix Up
Junior Cat - Drugs White
Junior Demus - Son Of A Gun
Junior Jazz - My Turn
Junior Murvin - Cool Out Son
Junior Murvin - Dancehall Girls
Junior Murvin, Welton Irie & Prince Weedy - Cool Out Son & Nice Up The Party
Junior Reid - Haul And Pull Up
Junior Reid - You Keep Telling Me
Ken Boothe - Luck Hitting Me
King Everald - Hang Them
King Jammy & Roots Radics - The Crushing Of The Stormtroopers
King Kong - Moving To The Top
Leroy Smart - Bad Boy Learn
Lesley Lyrics - Blind Date
Linval Thompson - Canít Stop Natty Dread
Little Devon - Jah Jah Blessing
Little John - Now Me Come
Little John - Shock Out
Little Lenny - What A Thing
Lone Ranger - You To Greedy
Lord Sassa Frass - Blasted Man
Louie Culture - Rudie Donít Care
Luciano - Back To Africa
Luciano & General Pecos - Forward To Africa
Macka B - Gentleman With Manners
Mad Cobra - Fresh
Mad Cobra - Pump It Up
Mad Cobra - See And No Talk
Mafia & Fluxy - Real Rock Version
Major Sam - Nah Nuh Fruit
Malibu - Everybody Needs Love
Mark Wonder - Jah Guide I
Massive Dread - Action
Mega Banton - Buggerism
Mega Banton - Sound Boy Killing
Messer Banzani - Vagabond
Michael Palmer - Gunshot A Bust
Michael Rutherford - Homely Girl
Michigan & Smiley - Nice Up The Dance
Mickie Mouse - Honour Your Father And Mother
Mighty Diamonds - Screechie Cross The Border
Mighty Dingles - Womand Under Heavy Load
Mikey Jarret - Get Your Green Card
Mikey Sing - Man Kind
Mykal Rose - Living Dangerously
Naptali B - We Want Di Peace
Nardo Ranks - True Story
Natural Beauty - Nice Up Dance
Nicodemus - Bonanza
Ninjaman - Come Into Light
Ninjaman - Pastor Man
Ninjaman - Revelation Time
Ninjaman - Run De Country
Nitty Gritty - Letting Off Stream
Outlaw - Children Smile
Pad Anthony - Rock It Over Here
Pad Anthony - Serious Thing
Pad Anthony - Shake Them Down
Pad Anthony - Spread Them Down
Pan Head - Bun It Dunn
Pan Head - To Live Poor Is A Crime
Papa Face & Bionic Rhona - Pon The Street
Papa Finnigan & Junior Ranking - Tribute To Bob Marley
Papa San - Hunuh Fe Cool
Papa San - Mash Mi Corn
Peter Metro - Join The Army
Peter Ranking & General Lucky - Ram-A-Jam
Phillip Fraser - Blood Of The Saint
Phillip Fraser - Iíve Been Hearing Dis And Dat
Pinchers - Babylon Guy
Pinchers - Borberline
Pinchers - Hackle Me Body
Pinchers - Idiot Sound Boy
Pinchers - Original Lyrics
Pinchers - Spending Millions
Pliers - Bad In A Dance
Prezident Brown - Animal Mentality
Prince Hammer - Press Along Dreadlocks
Purpleman - Sandra Lee Buy Big House For Me
Ranking Devon - Rub A Dub Session
Ranking Dread - Kilburn Lane
Ranking Trevor - A So Me Chat
Red Dragon - Crotches
Red Dragon - Good Hole College
Reggie Stepper - Modelling
Ricky General - Think A Big Sound
Ricky General - You A Lead
Rod Taylor - The Prophet Rise Again
Ronnie Twaites - Mr. Luxury
Sanchez - All Over Him
Sanchez - Fever
Sanchez - If I Ever Fall In Love
Screechie Dan - We A Don
Shabba Ranks - Hard And Stiff
Shinehead - The Real Rock
Simple Simon - Life In The Ghetto
Simple Simon - Obey Your Mother And Father
Singing Sweet - All I Know
Sister Isey - We Are The Founder
Sister Nancy - Ram Dance Daughter
Smiley Culture - Cockney Translation
Snake Man - Kill Sound
Soul Vendors - Real Dub
Sound Dimension - Real Rock
Steely & Clevie - Real Rock Version
Sugar Minott - Dem Fraid A We
Sugar Minott - Mass Mi Mass
Sugar Minott - Wicked A Go Feel It
Super Cat - Too Greedy
Tappa Zukie - Dance Around The Corner
Tappa Zukie - Tapper Roots
Tennessee Brown & Silvertones - Real Christmas Rock
Tenor Saw - Eni Meenie Mo
Terror Fabulous - Drop It Cool
Terror Fabulous & Gary Minott - Yaga Yaga
Tippa Irie - All The Time The Lyric A Rhyme
Tony Curtis - Love Should Brought You Home
Tony Tuff - In This Love Together
Toyan - Ram Dance Master
Triston Palmer, Dennis Brown & Beenie Man - Three Against War
U-Brown - Bits Of Paper
U-Brown - Praise Jah Jah
Vin Gordon & Upsetters - Fly Away
Wayne Wonder - It Hurts
Welton Irie - Room For Rent
Welton Irie - Tan Tedy Little Gal
Welton Irie & Prince Weedy - Nice Up The Party
Wendy Walker - I Will Always Love You
Wickerman - Evil Worker
Willie Williams - Armagideon Time
Willie Williams - Justice Tonight
Willie Williams & Twitch - More And More
Windel Haye - Flood Victim
Winsome - Reminise
Winston Reedy - Lend Me
Yami Bolo - Isnít She Lonely
Yami Bolo, Jack Radics, Josey Wales & Charlie Chaplin - Do Good
Yellowman - Too Greedy
Yoruba - Too Much Gun Talk
Zanadu - You Souldíve Listen