Sleng Teng
Al Campbell - Sensimillia
Andrew Paul - Who's Gonna Make The Dance Ram
Anthony Redrose - Keeping A Fat Ting
Anthony Redrose - Under Me Fat Ting
Baja Jedd - Ganja Smokin'
Beenie Man - Off The Air Bad Boy
Blinkie - Loving Stylee
Bobby Chrystal - I Apologize
Bounty Killer - Lodge
Bounty Killer - Mr. Wanna Be
Bounty Killer - Splurt
Brian & Tony Gold - Sound Ting
Bunny "Rugs" Clark - Woman I Love You
Burro Banton - Warn Dem
Capleton - Pure Sodom
Carl Meeks - Hot Fe Me
Chevelle Franklin - Cheat Ting
Clement Irie - D.J. In My Country
Cobra - Mr. Pleasure
Cocoa Tea - Boops Fi Dem
Cocoa Tea - Hey Bobby
Cocoa Tea - Joker Loving
Cocoa Tea - Oil Thing
Cocoa Tea & Luciano - Mr.Governer
Culture - Capture Rasta
Culture - We A Boss
Cutty Ranking - Blue Mountain Coffee
Cutty Ranks - Idle Talk Ting
Delroy Wilson - Give Me Your Loving
Dennis Brown - I'll Get Along With You
Dennis Brown - I'll Get On
Dennis Brown - Ram Dance Hall
Derrick Irie - Agony Tension
Duckman - Fat Piece Of Goose
Eccleton Jarrett - Dance Hall Music
Echo Minott - Original Fat Thing
Echo Minott - Put Your Hands Pon The Key
Egyptian - X-Rated
Errol Scorpion - Bottle Police
Flourgon - Bow Ting
Frankie Jones - Lonesome Soldier
Frankie Paul - Cassandra
Frankie Paul - Raggamuffin Wine
Frankie Sly - You Look Good
Garnett Silk & Yasus Afari - People Dancing
General Degree & Major Bones - Reggae Rub-A-Dub Rock
General Trees - Scatter Me Scatter
Glen DaCosta - Computer Special
Gregory Isaacs - Cool Lady
Gringo - Gal Selina
Home T. - Love Ting
Hopeton Lindo - Gun Ting
Horace Andy - Come Dance With Me
Horace Ferguson - Tranquilizer
Hugh Griffiths - Honey, Honey
Hugh Griffiths - Medley Ride
Ibo Cooper - Food & Money
Ibo Cooper - Space Scientist
Ishie Ranking - Hot Up Riddim
Jerry Lewis - Uncle Sam Fantasy Land
Jigsy King - Skin To Skin Connection
Joe Mannix - Launch An Attack
John Wayne - Call The Police
Johnny Clarke - Maca Bee Version
Johnny Osbourne - Buddy Bye
Johnny Osbourne - Salute The Don
Johnny P - Bike Back Pt. II
Josey Wales - Cowboy Style
Junior Brammer - Model For Me
Junior Pops - Gun Bag
Junior Wilson - Ganja Man - questionable
King Kong - Nina Mi Ninja
Little John - Catch The Style
Little John - Come Back To Me
Little John - Worries, Troubles And Problems
Little Twitch - Good Work
Louie Culture - Bullet
Lt. Stitchie - Hot Like The Sun
Major Cat - Kill & Destroy
Merciless - Not Me
Mr. Lee - Crisis
Nardo Ranks - Burrup - Part Two
Nicodemus - Eagle's Feathers
Ninja Ford - Overboard
Ninja Man - Murder Them
Ninja Man - One Love Sound
Ninja Man - Write Your Will
Pad Anthony - Cry For Me
Papa Faith - Maniac
Papa San - Pretend Ting
Penny Irie - Model Yu Body & Pose
Peter King - Step On The Gas
Peter Mann - Procrastinate Ting
Pinchers - Greedy Dog
Pink Panther - Bunting
Red Dragon - Nah Get Nuttin
Ringo Lindo - Who Dat
Sabba Tooth - Dappa
Screechie Nice - Understand Me Man
Screwdriver - Computer Rule
Shelly Thunder - Small Horsewoman
Simpleton - Home Alone
Singie Singie - Tell Them What You know
Singing Melody - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Sister Charmaine - Gyow Ting
Sugar Minott - Dance Hall Theng
Sugar Minott - Jamming In The Street
Sugar Minott - War And Crime
Sugar Minott & Jackie Lickshot - Ear And Crime
Super Cat - Trash And Ready
Super Morris - Under Me Peter Green
Tappa Zukie - Big Thing
Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly
Terry Ganzie - Mi Gun Talk
Tonto Irie - Every Possie Get Ready
Tony Curtis - Weak
Tony Tuff - Ragamuffin Style
Top Cat - Push Up Yu Lighter
Top Rank Gang - Rhythm Section
Trevor Sparks - Don't Give Up On Us
Two Friends Crew Dub - Rhythm Ting
Wayne Palmer - Hell In A Town
Wayne Passley - I Love A Stranger
Wayne Smith - Morning News
Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng - original
Wayne Wonder - Someone To Hold
Woody Noble - Ram Jam Session
Yasus Afari - People Dancing
Yellowman - Under Mi Fat Thing