Worries In The Dance
(produced by Kenneth Hoo Kim, Empire, 1981-1998)
Anthony B. Fire Come Now
Fat Eyes - 1998
Anthony Johnson - Tribulation
Anthony Johnson - Version Worries In The Dance
Frankie Paul - Worries In The Dance
Hopeton Junior - Reward
Hugh Griffiths - There Is A Fire
Jr. Ranking & Finnigan - Youthman Prophecy
Leroy Smart - My Love Is Growing Stronger
Michael Palmer - So Far Away From Home
Midnight Rider - Clash In A Rhythm
Patrick Andy - Life In Jailhouse No Nice
Jr. Ranking & Finnigan Youthman Prophecy
Freedom Sounds - 1981
Yami Bolo & Capleton Hotness
Fat Eyes - 1998
Yellowman & Fathead Iím Getting Married In The Morning
Volcano - 1982