Monster Track

Verse 1:
Miss Chin from Japan and Jackie from Florida
Want spend vacation pon de monster corner
Caw me hot like ah fire
Dem hear bout me lace out crib wid de pink corrider
Dem hear pon de wharf me have ah money green cruiser
That deh ketch har eye color RED!
Like a big lawyer pon de gal dem case
Marie go talk bout me loving
Inna wan heardresser place
See gal ah come down and all ah play rat race
Wonder who gwine win from all a who gwine place
Dem hear bout me briefcase wheh full ah Franklin face
Good God of grace

Some gal ah run lef dem man
Say dem man had no taste
Run lef dem man
Say dem man flavor scarce
Monster track dem ah trace

Repeat 2x

Verse 2:
Carol she ah talk wid Ms Jasmine Grace
Who gwine win from all ah who gwine place
Who haffe come tek set inna me place
Some ah dem ah come wid cute face and shape
Who nah have it in ah face
Have it inna waste
How this ah nice time fe waste?
So dem ah wonder
What me mek out of
Coulda encis or steel or a copper
Dem say de monster mussi use off ah radiator
Man like me use off ah gas and water
Becaw me hot like ah fire
Fi tek dem temperature higher


Verse 3:
De gal dem know me have de flavor
Know me hotter than hot
Have four ah dem all inna me jeep back
Uptown and downtown me tek dem go shop
Ah fly credit card nah response fe that
When we done shop me tek dem down by me shack
Moments of pleasure we share round de clock
Dem ah drink white wine me ah sip Cogniac
You nah see ah straight off de shelf
Nah serve pon nah rocks
All Ah bust big belch when dem done rub me back
Caw me know me gal hot

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