Get Smart
Silver Cat

Right yah now wi a kill the wrong set a people
Wi a point the gun pon the wrong set a man
See whey mi a say
Run di bass, chuh

I an I naw guh bow
How wi fi kill man fi Shower, an guh dead fi Bibow
Who, a we a run bout yah now
So if it call fi man dead
Man wi dead like cow

Verse 1:
No more politics caan come between
Until di whole a di gully dem clean
No more politician man naw drive in
Until di road dem dun barbergreen
But, Tivoli man can ride an come in
Jungle man and Rema man fi link as a team
An show dem when wi talk a exactly dat wi mean
An if dem caan hear den we rise di machine


Verse 2:
Cause two don fly down from South Caroline
With two dozen glock and some cris tech-9
Two key a coke and whole heap a carbine
An start draw borderline
But how yuh coulda waan mi fi shoot up mi fren
Thru yuh come bout an little money start spen
Well if a so yuh mind stay nuh come bout yah den
Caw dem dey idiot talk naw work again
Yuh a hrear fren


Verse 3:
Mi look inna mi life an mi see no hope
Mama she a work but she caan seem to cope
Mi bredda start juggle wid the guns and the dope
Now him tangle in the end of the law man rope
But I and I say unno fi think smart
Ghetto youth never born fi push no cart
Well here a man hear a man dey pon di warpath
Wi dis whey wi fi dead so we end up wid nought