My Collection of Singles
Pam Hall - Heart Of A Woman
Papa San & Lady G. - Round Table Talk
Papa San - Mama Problem
Papa San - Pretend Ting
Papa San - Tears
Patra - Man Me Love
Paul Blackman - Earth, Wind And Fire
Paul Elliott - Gwaan Again
Paul Elliott - Gwaan Again
Peter Hunnigale - A Little More Time
Peter Mann - Procrastinate Ting
Peter Tosh & Bob Marley - Why Must I Cry
Peter Tosh & N. Livingston - Till Your Well Runs Dry
Peter Tosh - Brand New Second Hand
Peter Tosh - Burial
Peter Tosh - Bush Doctor
Peter Tosh - Come Together
Peter Tosh - Coming In Hot
Peter Tosh - Crystal Ball
Peter Tosh - Equal Rights
Peter Tosh - Igziabeher
Peter Tosh - In My Song
Peter Tosh - Johnny Be Good
Peter Tosh - Ketchy Shuby
Peter Tosh - Ketchy Shuby (Instrumental)
Peter Tosh - Legalize It
Peter Tosh - Lesson In Life
Peter Tosh - Maga Dog
Peter Tosh - Na Go Jail
Peter Tosh - No Nuclear War
Peter Tosh - No Sympathy
Peter Tosh - Pick Myself Up
Peter Tosh - Reggae Mylitis
Peter Tosh - Testify
Peter Tosh - Vampire
Peter Tosh - You Gotta Walk
Philip Famous - Mr. Million
Phoebe One - Better Recognize
Pinchers - Bandolero
Pinchers - Say Jah
Pinchers - Yagga Yah
Pink Panther - Bun Ting
Poor Righteous Teachers - Dreadful Day
Poor Righteous Teachers - Easy Star
Powerman - Distance
Powerman - Gone A Lead
Powerman - Prison
Prento Kid - City Look
Prezident Brown - Be Wise
Prezident Brown - Heathen Chant
Prezident Brown - In This Life
Prezident Brown - Past, Present, Future
Prince Far I & The Arabs - Bass Ace
Prince Far I & The Arabs - Mansion Of Invention
Prince Malachi - Healing In The Streets
Prince Malachi - Prophet, Priest & King
Prince Malachi - Ready Fi Dem
Prince Theo - Can't Forget The Times
Prince Theo - Giving You All
Professor Nuts - Don't
Professor Nuts - Mama Have Har Own