Sizzla - Royal Son Of Ehiopia

As In The Beginning

Go away man cause we no love pagan
Remember that, Blessed.
When ever you take part in the up-rising of the black child
When them see we face them a run come smile.
Well red, soil them get soil, soil them get soil.

As Emperor Selassie I was in the beginning
Is now and ever shall be
Be glorious in your powers while I sing
To his own Devine Majesty.
As Jah was in the beginning
Is now and ever shall be
Be glorious inna your powers while I sing
To the whole ghetto community.

Verse 1:
Nuff a them a look fi Selassie
Yet them greedy fi wealth
Make me tell you
You can not be looking out of yourself
How close are you to Zion ?
Inna Emmanuel Tabernacle have you ever knelt ?
Confuse not your heart
Power from the source
Black child of the Zion is of the eastern coast.
What life has taught me is to love and not to boast
Nuh teach the youth them bout no damn holy ghost


Verse 2:
Me haffi holla out
I and I and I are the Royal son of King David
So Babylon why you try to deny
The ghetto youths loyal knowledge ?
Red, gold and green with the black five point star
Banners shall flow inna every village
Me tell them sey repatriation no deh far
Get yourself ready and come we go pon Babylon bridge
When money caan do it and there is no food to eat
For me nah go tell the street how them a bawl and a weep
A them a call fi peace but grap and a run with all of the wheat
But Bob hill them soon caan see it


Verse 3:
We tell them say
Everything that provide
Come we chant all Nyahbinghi inside the royal palace
Ghetto youth just be wise how unnuh haffi rise
Come make we open up we eyes
A tell you sey, me haffi chant down river Nile
Babylon me just come and career get soil
Yow, I want to live it up and trod down Nine Mile
Remember that the city, yow, haven't a living reptile

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1 / Chorus

Eastern Mountain

It's getting red now
Oh mamma yeh, oh mamma yeh
It's getting dread now
Home and away, home and away
It's getting red now
Oh mamma yeh, oh mamma yeh
It's getting dread now
Home and away, home and away

Verse 1:
The Eastern Mountain, yeh
You can reach if you give it all your vibes
Like the water from the fountain, yow
I tell you do good that's all there is to life.
Knowledge is golden, yow
You can reach if you really decide
Like the water from the fountain, yow
Tell you do good that's there is to life.
I will let no one stop you from beeing strong
Fi earth likewise a fi yuh opinion
What's your feelings
Check yourself know yuh position
When you flatter you dem with the flattering tongue
The enemies mob the heathens come inna gang
Emperor Selassie I is the protection
Years of servility, tears drop like bombs
Night and day never free without dawn
Check life: well a pure slavery deh gwaan
So mi come fi tell the people that the child was born.
Him a the government, Selassie I the Ethiopian
Strike to the devil with the education:
Proper, literate, to uplift the nation
Life: Thought: I hurt. I belong.


Verse 2:
The Eastern Mountain, yow
You can reach if you give it all your vibes
Like the water from the fountain, yow
Wanting to see what's on the other side
Knowledge is golden, yow
You can reach only if you decide
Like the water from the fountain, yow
Rasta man nah tell the ghetto youths them survive
Here the youths them crying
They were beingpushed aside
Only the best was proof enough to pulverise
The hopes, the understanding
That we still nah go slide
Children come together Rasta Far I deh rise
Better fly we together I survive
People of the colour must always be wise
From the depth of the valley up onto the sky
Even to be lucky police stop all the crimes
We nuh want nuh confusion round Rasta Far I
We bun the anxiety courageously smile, yow
Babylon we know you profile


Verse 3:
The Eastern Mountain, yow
You can reach only if you got the vibes
Like the rivers and the fountain, yow
I tell you do good and hail Rasta Far I
Knowledge is golden, yow
You can reach if you really decide
Like the rivers and the fountain, yow
Tell you be good and open up all your eyes
Oh, oh surely the omnipotent
Yours truly how Ras recommend
Tell Selassie King from the Ishent
Let the power of the empress guide the resident
Oh, the people from the south shall deal
With another, nah tell yu no doubt.
Commune with the western praises and shout
The eastern marching thy route


In This Time (feat. Luciano)

Oh oh, wake up.
Wake up, wake up and live.
You got to, I got to, oh no
We got to yeah
In this troubled world
With so much on our minds
In this troubling time
Wake up and live mankind
In this troubled world
With so much on their minds
In this troubling time
It's time to live up mankind
Jah gave us this world for us to wake up and live
And share the world you got to wake up and give

This is what it is
Truly, truly it is a must for us to love and live in one accord sing
Don't you go on ruling her, lonely.
Have yourself so then you got caught in so many things, yow

This get the time, now in the hour
We've got the mind, we've got the power
Jah blessed I, that I and I could discover
Come along let's unite and shake Babylon asunder

We give thanks for the bringing forth of I
Good and responsible thought.
Praise Jah all your life long, oh yeh
With this doing righteousness
No one could ever go lost
Yet we all know
And receive the soul, it shall be given
It is for I and I to go and ask
Never give your energy unto the evilous practices
This is an impartial rite

Rise up
Jah gave us this world for us to live and unite
So whether if you're black or if you're yellow or white
One Jah, one God, one aim, one destiny
Clean up your heart and soul
Set your spirit free

Speaking of righteousness
As the river flow the chant
One love black people
That is the way to rid the fault
Not until the very cripple feelings of the heart
They won't know good words they want
They search for a place of peace to place good thoughts
Blessed unto the blessing of the strenght to shift the dark yow
Over life will forever reign, yow
All trial and crosses me have to pass
Well then again

Repeat Sizzla's First verse
Repeat Luciano's First verse

Ripe Leaf

Yah Blessed
Yah man black people
African people just one love and one joy you know
Them is the black man and black woman kingdom you know
Check it
So we go

A lot of people don't got no good in a them and me see it
The wicked a go drop off like ripe leaf
Nuff a them no got no love in a them, how you do it ?
That mean you wouldn't give the ghetto youths food fi eat
Nuff a them no got no love in a them and me see it
The heathen a go drop off like ripe leaf
Nuff a them no got no love in a them, how you do it ?

Verse 1:
That mean you would a scorn the ghetto youths well
Well a who got the matches ?
Who got the gasoline ?
Youths clear the passage
Cause a fire me deh dash
Like a macca marijuana
Tell them me ask
Nuff a them a it me find out
Nuff a them a happen
Nuff boy turn your friend just through cash
Laugh and a pretend then a stab you in the back
Well me humble, a wait,
Meekly a watch into the fire
Way deh blaze nuff a them a keep back
You run gone go dig you pit and set up them trap
A bear wolf a go under the lock
So King Emmanuel put on me turban wrap
So them yah time Babylon you must get lash
Like a tomato you must get splash
Them a chant bout me poor through me clothes full a patch
And through them pull a door and got a key to them lock
Well Babylon Jesse Christ him blackk


Verse 2:
Find out the devil send them fi me hang them
Well Babylon you lose cause I nah pretend
Well a who go bend them fi me come straight them
Caan follow I, nor the Lion in a the den
Tell me now a who go friend them fi me go shame them
With Selassie I free Emmanuel anthem
Well then a who go strenght them
To misled Jah children
Babylon this never yet no problem
Yow, a some skunk them
Come we go dump them
The wicked man tell me who do you praise ?
The Alien
In them yah time yah
Me sey a them they got to bless
Fire got to bless


Verse 3:
Well then I live for Jah all my days
And if a no King Selassie you deh praise well the heathen a go rage
Fire me deh blaze
So me tell them sey
Them a the real hypocrite
Them caan take me fire them a walk and a spit
Through no wicked I no subject did nah commit
Them only rob the poor then go bow to the rich
Me find out a hatred nuff a practice
Mister Scrapehead just come fi you justice
Cause everyday you devise some mischief
Now rude boy you ready cos things done sleve

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1

Burn Dem Turf

And now the one that's rised so high as the most high
Emperor Selassie I
Say one love
Well red

Show we them a fi go burn dem turf
No take no bribe from no friends fi start the fire we a burn eh
Show me them and we go cleanse them first
No take no bribe from no friend
A no fire we a purge

Verse 1:
Fi Africa we chant, this is for real
A vanity them still want
That's why all now them a feel
Done know them hungry
This is them meal
Run go touch Emmanuel
Well I hope you shall go pleased
Well, partial wolf, under bull a dead you're dead
Know bout a bull, it's you commercial dread
Give me the whole entourage and make me bun it down red
Whole a them a camouflage
Cause them a work with threats
And now them bow to them weakness
Can't take the trodding
Me haffi bring me sword
And me haffi bring the sling
Go on and on in as the cold you a go lose everything
This one you have fi know, check out the youths them living
Other than that me know
You're even into the racketeering
Used to call me malice, a majestical King
I come fi stop the ghetto youths them killing
And all what you have will be burning, yearning


Verse 2:
This is our blackness, what you require ?
I and I no love slackness, that a pagan desire.
See him just a practice
Now a you them a follow.
A compete fi heartness
And a prove who badder
And every day them come speechy by
Exposing the woman them shame, but why ?
Whole a unnuh in a the game
So all look out for who a cry
Stab who right and fag way Babylon buy
Corruption full you bag, until you can't satisfy.
The whole of them want mob
Tell them righteousness a King Selassie I


Verse 3:
Tell them say who we hotta than heat
Hail King Selassie rather than the beast
The whole of them heavens and sevens this a reach
Blackness never look good when it bleach
Fire too hot them have fi hide and a creep
Free up the glory of the earth is so sweet
I and I inherit it to share with each
Seventy two nations go and wash him feet

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1

What Does It Worth

A just this you know
Just get up and go
I and I have to rise to the fullness
His own devine majesty
Emperor Haile Salassie
So long we a burn them fire
Some a them waan bring down themselves inna slavery
A just Ethiopia the chant you know

What does it worth, without love ?
Put away your distrust and your grudge
Words without work is not enough
And everyday you make a pull, the journey get rough
What is this world without love ?
Put away your distrust and your grudge
Words without work is not enough
And everyday you make a try the journey get tough

Verse 1:
You remember when you trodding through the valleys of the region ?
Jumping the follies, all the doubts and confusions
Giving obstacles, so many trouble you buck up on
Things a go the other way
When a never so you set your plan
Words of the wicked is pollution
Caan bring no stress nor no strain inna Zion
Emperor Selassie is the only foundation
Only Emmanuel relieve the frustration
You want to be free from the corruption
Me tell you such is life from the creation
Only Marcus Garvey show the situation
I only chant fi repatriation


Verse 2:
From the things in life you can't walk away
Whatsoever it brings, it will have to stay
According to your words, a double death you pay
Keep the smile on your face, make it an easy day
Me know them weak, so them gone astray
Wolf amongst the sheep, them deh deh same way
See me and a creep fi make a better way
One man fly the seal, a King Selassie I me sey
Some a them a sleep, even before them pray
Getting it right a come a lion bay
Through un-devine only if you stay
In a the right line, you see the right way
Selassie will be blazing I praise him
Remember that is blackness me still a say


Verse 3:
There is no sense in turning back
Get right by your friend, whether you are a idiot
This world want love to put them out pon top
Some a them say that them have it
But me know say them no have
Much easier if we all could share
No distrust nor envy must be in here
Dirty mind people, a time fi you care
What is not yours, me say don't interfere

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1

A What Dat ?

Hail to the High owner of Iration and his Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
I'm from a place where there's only love
Where the sun comes home every morning
Be upright black people and love Jah works
In praises I and I chant with the rising
Step away, get away, from the sinking sand
Never you disobey, yow, Selassie I the conquering lion
The again

Then a wah dat the whole a them a gwaab with ?
Who that the bugger them go par with ?
Them go bow and go stoop themselves low
Rasta man a trod it up, it's like them never know.
Wah dat the whole a them a gwaan with ?
Who that the bugger them go par with ?
Them go bow and go stoop themselves low
Rasta man a trod it up, it's like them just a know.

Verse 1:
In a them yah time a them blind
Them no see sey that a Rasta Far I time
See sey that a bad company nah go join
See sey that a obeah man friend them go find
Nuff a them skin teeth, no pay them any mind
Look a who fa tree nuff run go climb
See sey that a another man them a grind
Love me black woman, me nah go leave her behind
Babylon you like to carry evil from mind
Blacker are the lion and you are the swine
Caan sell me out fi two pence nor coin
Caan hitch me up like dirty clothes pon no line
Them yah judgement caan rewind
Unnuh better incline
Higher property from this time


Verse 2:
Me tell you, never show your enemies your strees
Cause they will bring the wicked man into your place
Fire me deh burn, so tell the Eden make haste
Me go see sey a time them a waste
This a no the tooth, this a no the paste
This a no the boot, this a no the lace
This a no the glasses way deh pon your face
Fire I a bun, so tell the Eden make haste
Tell them black up the belt, I come and take your place
Repatriation we still agitate
Tell them righteousness youths a anticipate
Tell them this is faith
Emperor Selassie a no fake


Verse 3:
Upper level them a try fi disguise
In a the spiritual level
Melt away, sey deh tell me that nothing can be hidden
Emperor Selassie I the only Christ ever
King Emmanuel give me the lesson

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1

Babylon Homework

Me just wanna say hail to Haile Selassie
His own devine majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I the first...
Babylon you see, when those youths come about
You know it's just redder fire
Yeh man we send enough stories to Babylon
Prime Minister give us repatriation
Remember this

Nothing inna Babylon nah work
Watch the inequity have to get up and splurt
Not even a wicked man can serve
Rome catch a fire cause deh Vatican thirst
Nothing inna Babylon caan work
Things get lock off and them a dead fi pure thirst
Not even a wicked man can serve
Yow, desolation to the earth

Verse 1:
Well nuh bother tell me bout mi nuh fi vanky
Babylon gu hush up your mouth you're too cranky
John Pope mi no know, no uncle nor aunty
Everything fi Babylon Sizzla deh vanky
Well from you rude mamma sey she deh go spanky
Brain them a use bout a Christ ride the donkey
Who them a fool bout sey black man a monkey
Black man, black woman a the first monarchy
Babylon dry, them a beg Rasta dampy
Weed and a cry words of I them never want it
African soil fertile ligh high sensi
Yow, well Babylon them listen calamity
Yuh city


Verse 2:
So mi go hail Emperor Selassie I him a the first
This a one a Babylone home work
Protect the ghetto child, nuh badder move too fancy
From them a cry then how wi fi like, eh
You think a now Babylon them a spite we
Hand me the matches make Sizzla go light , eh
Black people so much them nuh got no capacity
Try get up, go tell PJ a prophecy
Babylon a cover Queen Elizabeth nasty, Babylon presumptuous
What an audacity
I nuh come yah so fi sing no Babylon story
I come fi turn the shame into glory
Old Pharaoh, me sey that you nuh know me
Remember that a King Solomon grow we


Verse 3:
A judgement inna Babylon, them thirst
Yow, a judgement with a... yow !
See it from afar, sey the whole a them crazy
When a black people time
Them think a no blacka days, eh
Nothing ? Well Babylon not could never strike me
Emperor Selassie I is the Almighty
From you see me chalice
Well me nah go pass, eh
Babylon, a malice, a just through them greedy
Bun weed
I come fi weed, eh
Yow, ah life black people needy
Nuh watch, eh


Oh Children

Well, I say bless the man that reveal all the truth you know
Unto this generation
Those with them eye and has never over-stand

Oh children, Babylon build them cities
And break their own laws
So long you've been amongst them
Yet they didn't teach you that the fools get caught
So take us to the place where
Justice embedded in our heart, truly ours
Etiopia he was born there
Emperor Selassie I they all fail to adore

Verse 1:
Oh judgement
We the people must be true to ourself
Stoop to brutality, you perish and melt
Aware them have fi hide
What make them don't want fi help ?
The children going idly having no strength
Our duty is to teach
So you make it frequent
You no beat upon your shoulders
Here come the judgement
Can not be going that way
Killing yourself, what's the sense ?
Them young, tell them get the teaching from the high sense


Verse 2:
Firing guns becomes disobedient
They know not from whence they came, so they rebel against
Babylon set it so, building them bridges and fence
That they may support them so-called government
Them instigate the downfall of Jah righteous children
Remind them that slavery was not an accident
In return they kill my brothers and my parents
Repatriation, bless how give them all the strength
Africa we deh come, so me hear the high sense
Mother Nature made us in the natural essence
Emperor Selassie I him rule all events
We don't care if them intelligence
Oh now


Verse 3:
I and I have the foundation of the earth
Never been thirst
Black people
Now I tell you to stand
While you cease to be
And let them come and dish your dirt
Oh no they have lost their way
Because their desire was for fame and greed
I tell you now all tongue haffi go tell
Oh yes, all wicked man down on their knees
But now

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1 / Chorus

Break Free

Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I
Well a lot to be said
Age be protected
The sick to be cared for
The hungry must be fed
Well, tiers of Government men like spawns
And Babylon me holla out
What ? Show you deh plans

Break free from the slave
Every prisoner's a come
Ethiopia's last judgement
Babylon turn ashes when me done
Tell them sey a greater fun
Them lift it up on Babylon again
Break free from the slave
Every black woman a come
Ethiopia's last judgement
Babylon turn ashes when me done
Tell them sey a greater fun
Bigger judgement

Verse 1:
Them keep on grabbing
How they've been stabbing
Now the ghetto fire caan cool
Well then, them keep on plotting
Black progress you've been stopping
So me take the ghetto youths them out a you school
Babylon you keep on rushing to where I see nothing
When you know sey you a fi me foot stool
Babylon you're always mocking
This a Zion high trodding
Stop take the ghetto youths them fi fool
See them deh eh
Bout see slave they stop chill
Pon Babylon plantation a you a go get kill
Me sey gwaan a Africa
Cause mount Zion haffe build
Every tribal man come utilise your skill
Give I strength, give I the power
Unnuh fi give me all your will
Give I the plough and the mashett
Mek me go clean up the earth
Food haffi plant, but Jack belly nah go fill
Them fight gainst the youths
Him and him breathren name Jill
Well judgement


Verse 2:
Well you're always in pain, more and more
Tell me what's your name on your slave master door
Today you complain
Tomorrow you no sure
And then you run go wipe up blacker master floor
I see you in the morning, rushing out and through your door
Nuh Babylon bus unnuh deh hussle and board
Just know the human rights
So make your youths them secure
Black people so sweet
Nuh make Babylon plaster unnuh like sore


Verse 3:
Where do you go from here your response
And if you give me no joy, you better hold your distance
Me tell the ghetto youth the best thing is self-reliance
Live for yourself, that is significant
Well Babylon, me nuh fool fi make you run come conquer
Yes you know, these ghetto youths them well you could not pamper
Tell them the donkey haffi Christ a mule you fi hamper
What a brain solver yah pon Nebuchadnezzar
Babylon take the mass of the land, giving the people them butter
Sey them a top class and a brand us as the nigger
Sey them a high society and we a small settler
Well thunder, lightning pon crevice and corner
Well judgement


Mental Chains

Emperor Seassie I surely have done
About the welfare and prosperity of I and I people
But know yourself black people

Verse 1:
Don't do on pretending to be someone you can not
Live according and you know as to want
Love and inity is the only thing we've got
Jah prepare us to meet all your onslaught
Have you heard of Ethiopia the purest land thereof, thereof ?
Children, Babylon will be burning with flames from the sun
Unnuh might think a fun, nuh badder run
Mi hear Selassie I and their coward tongue
Them war and strive and blood feast
Soon your time to preach
Give Selassie I the praise
Or else you're punish as the beast
Black people trod up inna the East

Babylon your mental chains break
For Ethiopians progress ourself, we educate
Well a lightning, not a earthquake
Babylon your mental chains break
Black people go home, for righteousness sake

Verse 2:
The preaching is over, what's your actions to this ?
So land up inna them land, nothing you have accomplished
Them inna them computer age, children beware of it
Because everything, everything becomes cybernetic
Repatriation, we endeavour, we'll all make it
Too much inna Babylon, that is too much for your kit
Computer is them world, them number is six six six
That's the mark of the beast, look out for micro-chip


Verse 3:
A lava a no earthquake
Rasta is the head needless to be afraid
A nuff a them curse the Rasta-man, and run gone shave
A nuff them Babylon program as them slave
Them run Emmanuel, sey a Selassie I the youths fi praise

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1

True Hearts

Well I say bless thy people
Save thine inheritance you know
Feed them and lift them up also
Well as it go you check the flow
No slow

True heart will show love
True heart will make up some
Wanting to see him as it was again
Make sure you show love
To see you through he surely does
They wonder where you've been
Oh Zion way
True heart will show love
True heart will make up some
Wanting to see him as it was
Make sure you show love
To see you through he surely does
They wonder where you've been
Oh Zion way

Verse 1:
You check fi this
This a no rapper from forward
You love the I, make sure you love my words
Righteousness let it be heard
Rather than you keep going around the curve
A true heart will never be disturb, be clean
And you know where and when to serve
Between the misery are always those
Accompanied with the thought to destruct as your goal
Let's see and not the glory life endorse
So Jah Jah give them up also


Verse 2:
I tell you to be good inside and always
Will be the high point of life
Even when you're up against the wars of the scribes
Others look to you for strength, so things a fi wise
Emperor Selassie I, I call
Only for them to know sey that is all
Nowhere can you go without tho portion
Our day will come, so what ?
Just take you up along
I say, we all got to live in love
Today you make it right, much better tomorrow
Remember Sizzla did done tell you so
Keep your heart clean
And your voice will echo

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1