Road To France
Snagga Puss

Jamaican dem a champion, ey ey
Dem in a higher higher ranks
Beat up any team and mash dem dream
Jamaica dem a champion, ey ey

Verse 1:
Look pon di football team, yuh like dem
Look pon di football team, mi a go name dem
What a joy, Walter Boyd
A who, Nandi Lowe
Have fun, Paul Young
Fu sure, Whitmore
Look yah, Buckler, Hector, Peter, Durrant, Messam, Fabian
Listen, Wilson, Goodison, Gordon, Dixon
Wah dat Tegat
Nuh fret Barret, yuh nuh hear nuttin' yet


Verse 2:
Big up pon di coach pon di throne
Carl Brown and Rene Simoes
Jamaica baller dem fit to the bone
Dem feed pon dem Roots and Tiger Bone
Dem fi get house and car
Treat di baller like superstar
Cause dem mek wi feel good near and far


Verse 3:
Respect to Theodor Whitmore
Him wi dribble and him wi score
Big up di one Walter Boyd
Any defence line him wi destroy
Big up Ian Goodison pon di back line him a shine and glisten
Respect to goalkeeper Barret
A him save di ball from go in a di net


Repeat From Top