A-1 Lover
Spragga Benz


Spragga Benz is here, an yu know that
I'm the girl dem teddy bear
Reading and listening them body language
Loud an clear yu nuh watch dis (Is like)

Chorus 1:

(A-1 lover) Mr. Do It Nice
Woman dem ah explode like dynamite
(A-1 lover) Do it all night
Gonna send you body on ah ecstasy flight

Chorus 2:

(A-1 lover) Woman expert
Always a put in overtime work
(Whole lot a pleasure) Little bit a hurt
Female satisfaction we put first

Verse 1:

That's why they call me (A-1 lover)
An weh mi get di trophy (Under the cover)
Say mi ah the object of them desire
(Only you can light my fire)
Last night she said was (Total pleasure)
Heights of ecstasy (Too much to measure)
Woman want access at them own leisure
(Valuable item priceless treasure)

Verse 2:

Expert loving yu get to the max
Explore you body jus like a world map
Give yu massaging an things like that
Climb to the twin peaks with the chocolate top
Search the jungle find the G-spot
Enter the tunnel front an back
Possess the key that opens the lock
To free the sensations inna yu love box

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 3:

(A-1 lover) Excstasy King
Would a be di devil if lovin was a sin
(Want you forever) Wan wear mi ring
Inna mi ears she whisper and sing


If you want me all you gotta say is
Baby gimme that lovin
If you need me I'll on the way
Just call and I'll come running
Only you can do me like you do
Make me feel so special
Wanna give you my everything eternally
Baby your the one for me
Only you can set my spirit free
And you make me scream and shout in ecstasy
In my life you are the key
In your love is where I wanner be
And you'll always be the one for me (My)

Repeat Chorus 2

Verse 3:

Do it properly do it to yu right
Have the strategy to keep you coming all night
Whole heap a juice
Jus a flow from di pipe
(Ooh baby you know what I like)
Do it to slow (Go a little faster)
Woman dem servant (But you are the master)
Say she wah have mi till the end of never
(Want you for myself cause your my)

Repeat Chorus 1

Repeat Chorus 2

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Verse 2

Repeat Chorus 1

Thanx to www.spraggabenz.com for this lyric !