Bad Man Anthem
Spragga Benz with Sugar Slick

Well big respect to all rudebwoy from nearbouts and farbouts
Guns out, Spragga di Benz deh bout yu dun know
Bwoy from East, West, North, and South
A yo...
Gun shot a blow

In war time and more time
You step out door, things can get very hardcore for sure
That's what guns are for
The Mac 10 will clap dem
Fassyhole yu know your skull ago bore
That's what guns are for

So we sing badman wi nuh runaway
We will shot fassyhole wether night wether day
Man a badman wi nuh romp an play
Yu will dead and wi mean weh wi say eh eh eh
Gunman mek mi see yu gun
From yu know out a road from a bwoy yu nuh run
A coulda Satan
All I wanna say Is
I woulda shot somebody
Never end like deadbody

Verse 1:
Gun inna hand yu think seh man a rap up and play
Inna dis armageddon all a city get slay
Body inna holly bowy a act a funny way
Troublemaker end up unda di cold clammy clay
Warn dem an dem still a mek a bag a wrong move
Now dem wishing that dem situation improve
But we dun select and have one up inna di groove
A di fus notch dat go pon mi uze


Verse 2:
Wi nuh chase like nuh gal inna no skirt dem a bleep an a blurt
Only copper oonu worth yo
Shot you first and blood up yu pretty shirt
Cause wi see seh yu nuh serve not a purpose inna earth
Swear seh dem a shotta but dem life inna reverse
How yu fi dis mi sista an nuh waan mi gun fi burst
Better if wi send yu to di man weh drive di herse
Mek it easy pon di doctor and di nurse


Repeat song from Chorus