No Fun Thing
Spragga Benz

Somebwoy a look fame
A talk bout how dem wild and caan tame
A shot down people pon di main
And now informer nuh stop call up dem name
Bwoy a talk bout dem no response
Inna broad day dem a dig up six pants
A shot down people
Now informer spot dem from a distance
And dem pick up big life sentence eh eh
Spragga Benz de pon di ends again
Yeah! Yeah!

Dats why me tell dem say
Tek mi advice mi bredren
Cau Rudebwoy living a no fun thing
You no have no time fi a laugh and a grin
You haffie serious from you a deal inna gun thing
Mek up yuh mind fi bun bwoy skin
Mi bredren
Rudebwoy living a no bed a rose
Gun is not fi show off or to pose
After 12 wi nah go hide gun unda clothes
And from you deh pon di road

Verse: 1
Bredren you haffi fit
Cau when gunshot a lick
You caan mek youself be standing target
You haffi marks
Because things will happen fast
And a one shot alone you get fi squeeze off
You haffi cold
Have things unda control
Fi look out fi police and rat patrol
You haffi smart
And haffi born without heart
Fi murder people without second thought
Cau it no mek no sense you waste lead
You a fire gunshot and nobody nah dead
Yu never kill a fly and yet still yu run red
A better if nightime yu gwaan a yuh bed


Verse: 2
Bredren yu haffi always alert
Expect anything
Cau we living inna rotten Babylon system
Weh informer sell you out fi five schilling
And mek you wake up inna curfew tomorrow morning
So..more time when yu gwan wid a thing
Try move under cover dont be brawling
Always humble that's the key to living
Cau smart gunman nuh mek police know him


Verse: 3
Bredren yu haffi mean
Cau when gunshot a clean
Yu haffi can tek fence wid yuh 14
And yu haffi wise
And yu haffi open yu eyes
Cau yu caan mek no body tek yuh by surprise
And yu haffi rough
And yu haffi live like a cruff
Fi bleach di whole night until sun come up
And yu haffi tough
That if police back you up
And dem a kill you wid lik yu still nah go buss
And it no wise fi yu walk pon street
Just a brandish yu gun and mek informer seet
If you waan travel wid a legal piece
Gwaan go tek test and try tun police


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