Good Day
Spragga Benz

Well, kicking back and taking it easy wid a smile
Pon mi face
Cau' wha
Fi di first in a long while
Mi never haffi deal wid a fool case
Spragga Benz de pon di endz
And I tell oonu dis, whatcha
Check it

I didn't have to buss my gun today
I didn't have to kill no one today
And so I can almost safely say
That today was a good day
I didn't have to rinse my glock today
I coulda keep my Lama locked away
And so a guy get one more chance
To pray and deal wid his family

Verse 1:
But if a guy shoulda dis I tomorrow
It's gonna be pain and sorrow
Cau wi nah mek nuh bwoy get feisty and bright
Tell dem seh nuttin nah go so
Rude bwoy nuh hide nor parro
Fi expose a guy brain and marrow
A so fool betta careful wid him and live it right
Becau when rude bwoy start tun
On heat unda pussy
Rinse all di Lama spank up di uzi
Pure unidentified dead body
Police woulda discover all bout the city
When wi start dismankle guy body
All who see it feel nausea and giddy
Big man a vomit dem all a get dizzy
Stripe and liver rip outta guy belly
So anyhow dem have dem life an' waan gimme, well
Rude bwoy wi will tek it gladly
Friends and family miss dem sadly
So if yu a go dis nuh badda wid it


Verse 2:
But anyhow a guy feeling lucky
An' waan run up and down like a puppy
Well mi wi ramp wid him and mek two
Copper shot from mi gun and him
Chest plate stuckie
And if a child's play a we name chuckie
And wi will tun any guy inna duppy
And so a fool betta relax and think twice
Cau' wi will take him life an oonu trust mi
Mi nah run joke, jester nor jive
Nine inna mi gun and di whole a dem live
Fool yu woulda stand up get a chance fi survive
If yu dash weh yu parachute and go sky dive
A coulda natty Morgan or buddy and Clive
Nuh guy nah dis wi and still be alive
And even if run go inna Africa go hide
Wi will bun down yu village and dun di whole tribe
So anyhow yu see wi deh pon di right side
Walk pon di left, fool try to avoid
Cau' anyhow yu slip yu surely go an slide
Inna di black hearse yu a go get a joyride but


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