No Check
Spragga Benz

Well in comes the thing call
Rudebwoy nuh tek nuh check at all
One mistake
And pon di ground yu head will fall
Spragga Benz pon di endz again

A nuh joke mi mek
Rudebwoy don't tek nuh check
One mistake could a mean yu owna death
Inna yu head
Just one shot you haffi get
An yu end up down a madden
So rudebwoy tek mi talk
And always watch how you walk
Badness aint no stroll in the park
Yu wi dead
Nedda man lock off yu heart
And yu lay down inna coffin

Verse 1:
Rudebwoy mi tell yu don't relax
Dont be slack
Get set to move
Always ready on yu P's and yu Q's
Seek a fence, Tek di fence, Don't watch di bruise
Just thank god a nuh yu life that yu lose
Pop it out, squeeze it off, while you a move
Don't be no target fi a next man a use
Don't get panic and act like nuh stooge
Tighten yu belt an lace up yu shoes (and)

Chorus:(Repeat x1)

Verse 2:
If yu deh pon yu base or deh pon di border line
Have eyes inna yu headback all di time
Make sure seh yu alert, anything touch yu turf
Mek sure seh yu see them first
An if things a gwaan don't get left behind
And don't be a fool with yu KG-9
Cause one wrong move will mek yu skull burst
An yu lie down in the hearse


Verse 3:
Watch every light weh approach an a cruise
Rat patrol always travel inna two's
Try don't stand up fi a next man a move
Skin flesh and bone is not bulletproof
Gunshot nuh talk, it no beg no excuse
Kill anybody, it nah pick and choose
Anyhow yu slip, man will lick out yu fuse
Pronounce you dead on the six o'clock news (so)


Repeat Verse 1


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