No Matey
Spragga Benz

Is Spragga Benz dis, an yu know fi di girl dem
This is the heights a carelessness aright
All a di girl dem just get wild yu nuh
Watch ya

I seh gal from yu nuh have no matey
Yu jus wave an mek mi see
Becau no little idiot careless gal
Can wreck your family baby
A man got to be crazy If him turn down you fi she
Cau dem caan compare dem caan come near
Yu flop dem totally

Verse 1:
Becau when
Hotness a gi weh whole heap yu get
Nuh man never lef yu fi a next gal yet
An oonu know seh yu ready yu can beat yu chest
An if a good looks whole heap posses
Bank book big and heavy yu can write a check
Looks and shape you're only asset
Gal yu background an yu character spotless
Respect up deh like mount everest


Verse 2:
So if a yu man dem a eyeball
Tell dem seh dem welcome fi try dem luck
A nuff gal feel like dem coulda tek him weh
But dem only get so so
Gal from Kingston, New York, and Mobay
Dem don't stop apply fi di wok
But even if yu boyfren go hire dem last
Him always fire dem fus
Some a dem man mentality bad
Some a dem gription quality poor
Some a dem only useful purpose was jus'
Fi one night nothing more
Some a demma live like man foot rag
Nuff man walk pon har like floor
One or two might even get ten outta ten
Dat still nuh reach yu score so


Verse 3:
So gal jus run up and down inna di dance
Becau yu man want yu bad an him tek no chance
Walk all bout thru' di place
Yu nah fi block out nuh video light from yu face
Gal get wild an nuh care
Yu wear yu own Donna Karan an yu own Nike Air
Mek pure excitement becau yu have
Dem weak unda di treatment


An yu know seh yu have no matey
So wave...

Repeat Verse 1


Repeat Verse 2

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