Spragga Benz

Can imagine bad man gun unda discipline
Man from tivoli, matches lane, dunkirk, southside
Man from grants pen all bout dun with the war
Is all about peace and love and unity

Verse 1:
We see them lovin and shoulda rubbin nobody buggin
And every man ah act equal only god above him
Eye water make my eyes full
Mi see every man a live like them ah bredda
An ah big up one anedda
What a joy an what a pleasure
Man ah help them bredda up the ledda
Money ah run and every man ah share the treasure
Nuh man naa say dem bigger or better or richer
And socialist and labourite ah fren oh what a pretty picture
And we see every man ah try nah be nuh hitcher
Food ah run and every man ah eat.

Chorus 1:
Ah dat mi tell yu bout peace
Peace is when yu see yu enemy an ah di least
Peace is when yu lef yu window open an asleep
Peace is when yu see tivoli man dem and not even pin dey pon dem
And dem ah go up king street
Mi mean peace
Peace is when dudus ah bun him chalice up a zeeks.
Peace is when no gun nuh buss fi week on top ah weeks
Peace is when police dem get ah ease
An nah fi run like dem ah thief
Because wi gunfire cease... oh yes

Verse 2:
We see them reasoning...whole evening ..ah seal the powers
And we see happiness ah bloom just like ah pretty flowers
All ah di barriers pull
We see love ah start to tek over jamaica
Every inch an every acre
And we see the undertaker dem ah no longer the money maker
The love it genuine the man dem ah nuh faker
And man from over jungle gone ah rema fi go check patrina
J.L.P area but ah socialist colours dem eena
An man from south dem dey ah kirk inna dem green mareena
Top range and nannyville ah link ah national arena
Done with the hypocrite love and stop be like hyena
We couldn't want dem heart fi cleaner...
Yow wi happy fi di peace

Chorus 2:
Peace is when yu happy fi see an area dance a keep
Peace is when all di big machine dem bury deep
Peace is when the man weh shot you frined
Can circle near yu base again and yu nuh mek blood leak
Wi mean peace,
Is when yu dis we and still have all a yu teeth
Peace is when all di area leader dem a meet
Peace is when di gun dem unda discipline
And any man weh bruk it
A get chase and beat

Repeat Chorus 1