She Nuh Ready Yet
Spragga Benz

Well number one  yu nuh have time fi waste
So yuh business when a gyal ah come push up inna yu face

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
From a, from a, gyal a, gyal a, come a, come a

Hype up pon yu and she nuh ready yet
Tell a gyal fi hop off a yu because yu delicate
Yu a nuh di type mek nobody do weh shelly get
Reach fi di sky cause yu single but you celibate

Verse 1:
Dat mean nuh man nah tek you fi nuh ten-o-let
And yu ah nuh passenger plane ah gyal a value jet
Weh she come a try bout she a go nullify you rep
Popular than ever cause yu have weh nobody nuh get
Bout inna yu face she a go out out a cigarette
Yea yea whatever yu nuh frighten fi silly threat
Higher inna life you a pofile an do you best
How dem fi try pull yu down when a you a jah jah bless


Verse 2:
Well good looks dat a di lest
Because yu body an yu breast
A nuh dat yu ago use fi mek yu rich
And yu nah go profit off a sex
No that a nuh yu flex
And nobody nah go tek yu fi nuh bitch
Criss like crissy d weh inna mainstreet
A moet yu a sip
And yu know a gyal history so yu have har ticket
Only time yu memba dem a when yu inna toilet
All yu do is press yu button a she sink like the sh.....


Verse 3:
Dem cant mek yu frighten dem cant mek yu scare
Dem cant mek yu if an but
When yu a go no where
Woi a wah do Daffy Duck ah wah do Yogi Bear
Curdle porridge inna griddle ah buss out bustierre
Yu slim, yu trim, yu sexy
Wonder bra yu nu haffi wear
Dem envy yu dem vex fi see yu hotter every year
Go so badda badda uno madda