Shotta Dem
Spragga Benz

Brand new...Spragga di Benz Jeep
Di girl dem heartbeat
Steelie and Cleevie sweepin di street
Redsquare this is how we dweet...yu know
A yo wo wowsy wow

Well mi seh fi big up all di shotta dem
Low di waste matta dem
Di likkle mamma slappa dem
A batter we ago batter dem
Weh come from rounda blacka dem
Coulda weh dem a defend
Nah lef from back a Karen
Mi jook har like a mac an then
Watch mi an di slacker dem...mamma man characta dem
Musician and actor dem the influential factor dem
Society no lack a dem yo dat mek it hot again
Tek up all mi mac an then done flippin lot a dem

Verse 1:
So yo mi waan fi see you hand If you a no mamma man
From you nah go charge fi one not certain things you buck up pon
But some know right and still do wrong dip dem unda Sharon
Gone wid Paul and run left Pam but mi nah go join di gang
So mi get damn weapon start up a rebellion
Weed dem out like skellion run dem from unda Shelly Anne
Buck dem a Pavillion not a one civilian
Down wid all a million but not to say a trillion


Verse 2:
So pick up yu hand and mek mi see it
From you nah go dweet becau yu careful what you eat
Vegetable not di meat
Look pon di gal dem how dem neat
Well refined and looking sweet
Still dem gone wid John and Keith
Choo him prefer easy street
Now di whole a dem we beat
All a thousand for di week
For the earth is for di week
Alot of woman unda sheet
Bun dem likkle mamma freaka run dem weh from off di street
A shot you worth a shot you beat send dem six foot underneath


Repeat from top