Stop Chat
Spragga Benz

Baby love come ova
Stop chat yu chat
An jump inna di rangerover
Look how yu fat
An curvy like di track weh dung a Dover
An fi yu treasure
Yu nuuh waan mi fi discover
Tink dem gyal ya easy
Boy you will love a gyal like how George love Louisie
Spen yu money till it done
And still no get no squeezy
All yu en up wid a one bag a breezie

Verse 1:
Ooman a tell mi dis
Ooman a tell mi dat
Ooman a tell mi seh di sittin fat
Dem haffi prove dat
Sa mi a no idiot (No wowowowow)
She haffi gi mi pon spot (Heyeah)
A gal a tell mi bout how she clean an pure
Gal a tell mi seh she betta dan every otha gal
Thru she a vrigin neva get bore
Pity she nuh know seh dat nuh hol no man nuh more
Tell mi seh she tight
But I man no really sure
She caan get no ratings not no score
Until she gi mi di loving hardcore


Verse 2:
Please come prepared fi di loving
Pon top a dat don't keep mi waitin
Baby Girl
Cau yu know there is nothing I could do without you
Tamohaak want to be mesmorized
Tantalized, Hypnotized, by yu loving
Yeah yea
Lookin at me when wi kissin
Huggin, caressin, words expressin
Mek dis ya yute ya really haffi sing
Mek mi run my hands through yu hair
Slowly tek off di things weh yu wear
Express all di things weh mi really waan fi share
An treat yu wid utmost care


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