Spragga Benz

Verse 1:
We see them flippin an trippin an dippin but dem lippin
Ah say dem will shot wi fi three like say dem a Scotty Pippen
Dem talking nothing but bull
Nuff a dem nuh have the heart fi pull the trigger
Them only want dem ego bigger
Now them disrespect a nigger
Who is a bonifide grave digger
The zagger zigger mek dem features disfigure
We promise an deliver life taker shot giver
Dem just a find yu little bredda dead inna the river nigga
And now yu posse dem ah shook and dem ah shiver
Dem ah melt like chocobar
Dem just ah know wey name war

War is when yu bredda lay dead upon the tar
War is when yu gun hafi dey any where yu are
War is when yu mumma inna di track
And the beretta still ah clap
And man nuh care bout har
Mi mean war
War is when yu cant take yu eye off ah no car
War is when the shop wey dey ah yu corner kinda far
War is when yu nuh want fi sleep inna yu owna house
Because yu window nuh have nuh burglar bar star

Verse 2:
We see them scheming an dreaming fi tek wi riches
We cut them breathing lef dem bleeding inna shallow ditches
Cause when di beretta pull
Dem get ah bellyfull ah copper nutten better
Chest ah open like a letter
Then we jet inna the jetta
Cause dem wanna get the money getter
Dem head ah open like a tin a doctor pepper
Dem disrespect the stepper from upper warika get we bitter
We kill dem quicker when we under weed or under liquor
Dem try fi run wey from mi gun but like we shot dem fitter
We go ah dem yard an beat dem mother and f@#k dem baby sitter
All inna dem ears shot a zing think a mosquito
Now pon di ground dem head ah litter...
Cause dem just ah know war