My favorite Soundsystem inna di Berlin with di DJ called Panza ! You can order great Mix-Tapes at
Supersonic-Sound ! Dem play Conscious Reggae as well as Dancehall-Tunes. They have great Dubplates !


One a di first Soundsystems in Berlin. Without dem there wouldn't be such a great Dancehall-Scene in Berlin !
Big up pon Barney Millah & Crew ! Dem have also a Website !

Pow Pow Movement

Great Soundsystem from Cologne with appearences all over Germany !
Dem play Reggae, Dancehall and Roots at Petit Prince Club in Cologne ! They offer a great variety of
Tapes at ! Check dem Homepage for Dates and History of this Soundsystem !


Another Soundsystem in Germany. You can order new 7'' Singles from dem.
They have events all over Germany ! Visit their Homepage !

Silly Walks

Soundsystem from Hamburg ! You can find dem every Wednesday at Astra-Stube/Sternbrücke in Hamburg !
Very good Conscious Reggae and great Dancehall-Tunes ! Great Homepage with mp3-Soundsamples !

Skill Battery Soundstation

Soundsystem from Stuttgart, Germany !
I was impressed by their nice website. Check their Homepage for further informations !


Canadian Based Sound System ! Check out their Homepage !
Providing an outlet for reggae entertainers, sounds and promotors to expose their scene to the world.


Soundsystem from Aachen ! The play Reggae and Dancehall-Tunes. You can hear them mainly in Aachen and sometimes at other Locations in Germany ! More Infos on their Homepage !

Irie Ites Soundsystem

German Soundsystem with an awesome website. You'll get x-amount of information there.
Check out their Homepage !

Bam Bam Soundsystem

Growing Soundsystem from Germany ! Check out their Homepage !
Get in touch with them if you want to cut Dubplates ! They offer Mix-CD's & Tapes as well !

Road Warrior (Canada)

Soundsystem from Canada ! Check out their Homepage !
They offer Live-Streams and some mp3-Samples !

New Generation Sound (Switzerland)

Soundsystem from Geneva (Switzerland) Check out their Homepage !

Blackwood Soundsystem

Upcoming Soundsystem from Germany !
Check dem Homepage to get more information...

Stingray Soundsystem

Soundsystem from Revensburg, Germany !
In order to download some of their mixtapes check their Homepage !

Kingston Guerilla Sound

Their new website is about to launch. Check this link !

If you have information about other Soundsystems, please e-mail me !

This page is still under construction !